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10 Best Pizzas in 2018 that You Have to Try in 2019!

Pizza fixes all of our problems. When in doubt, always opt for pizza; you will never be disappointed! Whether you prefer deep dish, stuffed crust or thin crust, extra cheese or sauce and loaded with toppings, you’ll find it here. Over the years, there are a lot of local pizzerias that opened all around Cairo that suit every taste. As 2018 is coming to an end, we’ve been on the hunt for the top pizza places in Cairo! We’ve asked most of the food connoisseurs and based on their recommendations, we’ve narrowed it down to you. Whether you’re craving thin, deep dish or stuffed crust, our top 10 Pizzas in Cairo will lead you to the perfect slice you’ve been looking for! Scroll down to see our picks and let us know in comments if you agree with us!

Deep Dish Pizza – Uncle Sam’s

Deep Dish Pizza – Uncle Sam’s By Cairo Munch

for his favorite pizza he’s tried in 2018 and without any hesitation, he told us it’s Uncle Sam’s Deep Dish pizza. Just look at that epic gooey cheese pull! It’s all about the crust for this one and it is the one pizza that requires a fork and knife to eat! If “more is more” is your motto in life, then Uncle Sam’s Deep Dish Chicago Style pizza is definitely for you!

Truffle Pizza – Olivo Pizzeria

Truffle Pizza – Olivo Pizzeria By Omar's Food
Truffle Pizza – Olivo Pizzeria By Omar’s Food

It’s no surprise that Olivo makes it on our list since almost all their pizzas are deliciously satisfying. @omarsfood swears by this Truffle pizza’s “perfect balance of flavor with truffle oil, sauce on-point and that crust”! The perfect slice is all about balance among crust, sauce and cheese. Olivo definitely makes it happen!

Pepperoni Pizza – Ovio

Pepperoni Pizza – Ovio By BiteandBrag
Pepperoni Pizza – Ovio By BiteandBrag

It goes without saying that Ovio’s menu is to die for and because of all the enticing and delicious main dishes, sometimes their pizza is overlooked and that’s a shame because it is so underrated and @biteandbrag knows that for sure! She definitely recommends this this pizza and its “killer pizza sauce, generous amount of pepperoni and the perfect crust.”! We just want to emphasize on Ovio’s pizza crust because the secret is in the dough!

Half Pepperoni half Buffalo Chicken – Vinny’s Pizzeria 

Half Pepperoni half Buffalo Chicken – Vinny’s Pizzeria By Malteaters
Half Pepperoni half Buffalo Chicken – Vinny’s Pizzeria By Malteaters

Another pizza to make our list is Vinny’s New York-Style pizza. According to @malteaters , when it comes to New York-Style pizza, Vinny’s is the right choice. The crust is both crispy and thin, but not too thin with layers of cheese and pizza sauce.

Bufala Pizza – Olivo Pizzeria 

Bufala Pizza – Olivo Pizzeria
Bufala Pizza – Olivo Pizzeria

@Foodistaegypt told the truth when she told us that her favorite pizza she had in 2018 was the Bufala pizza from Olivo which makes it the second pizza from Olivo on our list. Famous for its thin crust, this pizza’s is flexible enough to fold without cracking and making an unnecessary mess while cushioning the perfect combination of rucola, cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce and Bufala mozzarella cheese!

Fungi & Buffala Pizzas – Andiamo Pizza Garden & Bar

Fungi & Buffala Pizzas – Andiamo Pizza Garden & Bar By storyofahopelessfoodie

When asked @storyofahopelessfoodie what her favorite pizza in 2018 was, she couldn’t make up her mind between Olivo and Andiamo and when she finally chose Andiamo, she couldn’t decide which pizza she likes more! I think it’s safe to say that if you order any of the following ones, you will not regret it!

Super Slice – Vinny’s Pizzeria 

Super Slice – Vinny’s Pizzeria By Rami Soli
Super Slice – Vinny’s Pizzeria By Rami Soli

Another pizza from Vinny’s Pizzeria that makes it on our list is the super slice pizzas that’s recommended by food blogger, @ramysoli. Vinny’s definitely gets points for creativity when it introduced us to these massive sized pizza slices. It definitely stands out and we love it!

Pepperoni Pizza – Il Loft

    Pepperoni Pizza – Il Loft By thehungrygiraffeeats

Not even a pizzeria, rather an international cuisine that serves everything from salads to pasta to burgers and pizza. We totally agree with @thehungrygiraffeeats’s opinion of how il Loft’s pizza is one of the most underrated pizzas in Cairo given that their dough, marinara sauce and buffalo mozzarella are perfection! Definitely a must-try!

Bresaola Pizza – Olivo Pizzeria

Bresaola Pizza – Olivo Pizzeria By foodiciousworld.eg
Bresaola Pizza – Olivo Pizzeria By foodiciousworld.eg

We are totally not surprised that Olivo made our list three times from three completely different foodies! 100% recommended by @foodiciousworld.eg is Olivo’s Bresaola pizza and we completely second that recommendation for so many reasons. First of all, it’s not your usual salsa and mozzarella pizza – which we all love and cherish. However, sometimes you like to try something different and that’s the one for you as it features bresaola, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, tomato sauce, rucola and parmesan sprinkled on top! Order that with a glass of wine. You’ll thank us later!

Pepperoni Pizza – Il Mulino

Pepperoni Pizza – Il Mulino By thebigfatcouple
Pepperoni Pizza – Il Mulino By thebigfatcouple

Last but not least on our list is our very own recommendation and that’s the pepperoni pizza from Il Mulino (or any pizza actually from their menu) – another underrated restaurant that serves an array of beautiful food including pizza. Their crust strikes the ideas balance between super thin and crispy and mellow and doughy, the cheese thicker than your usual and don’t get us started on their herbal tomato sauce! We love and so will you!

Article By Injy Refaie

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