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We’ve got a photography combo for you today

We’ve got a photography combo for you today

Photography is the form of art where you can show a part of your soul out to the world. Looking at a photo snapped by a friend is like looking deep through their eyes, seeing the details as they see them, feeling every texture as they themselves wanted it to feel and looking at the whole picture as they brought it to life first in their minds.

Photography is one of the simplest form of arts, with which you can express yourself. It’s not a complicated math equation that you need to break your brain over to solve, you can easily start creating with your phone’s camera and believe the outcome can be even more beautiful than one coming out of a professional camera.

All it takes is passion, dedication and practice.

We’ve got a photography combo for you today
We’ve got a photography combo for you today

Instagram being one of the most growing platforms for photographers around the world, an online portfolio of many talented ones, we built up a combo guide to help you kick off your photography path.

It all starts with knowing what your phone camera is capable of, what are the settings you can play around with; could you play with colors, the temperature of the photo? Is the flash light on or off (something we strongly agree on, the flash should always stay off, trust us!)

The first tip is one that all photographers insist on worshiping: always, always, use natural day light. Natural light brings out a perfectly put together photo, one that looks as natural as if you’re looking at scene with your naked eyes. Heavily edited shots are sometimes repulsive and confusing. So again we strongly advise to never use the built in flashlight.

We’ve got a photography combo for you today
We’ve got a photography combo for you today

“If you’re shooting in good lighting conditions, you might never need to edit your photos.” – said Kholoud El-Mahdy (@kholoudelmahdy) and “if you’re shooting when it’s bright and nice outside, the photo shot with your phone would look as professional as ever” – said Nada El-Rakaiby (@nada.elrakaiby)

And according to Ganna (@gannax99)  the best time to shoot in the perfect light is between 3:30PM and 4:00PM – the golden hour. “The light then is so beautiful and won’t be too harsh on the objects in your photo and if you’re shooting portraits the skin would come out all flawless and golden.”

The second tip is one that proved to be of great use and even more perfect outcome, don’t zoom in on the things you want be in focus of the photo’s composition, you step closer yourself with your phone.

“Move closer to the objects, never zoom in” – said Nada Hany (@nadahany97)  , she also reminds you to clean your phone’s lens before you start shooting, phones are either in your hands all day, in the bag or you pockets, the lens is bound to collect dust at a certain point.

The third tip is one of a design background but the most essential when it comes to photos’ compositions. Use the Grid where you have four intersection points, if the main object falls on one of them, two of them or right in the middle this determines how important it is in your photo.

“Always use the rule of third, switching it on and you can easily put together the objects highlighted on the intersection points” – said Mai Fathy (@365_days_in_cairo).

Sometimes you can play a little trick to add more focus on your subject and this is where the fourth tip comes and that’s editing. Edit only in a way that will bring out and give more life to the photo, don’t wash out the colors but blur the subjects or background you don’t want to be in total focus.

“With a light that suits the mood of the photo, visualizing is extremely important. Treat your photo to be a layer on top of layer and blur what’s outside of your main subject, it gives a deep focusing feel to it.” – said Nada Saeed (@nada_saeed51)

And last but never least comes one of the most important tip and a motivational push for every single aspiring photographer.

“It doesn’t matter what the tools that you use are; I personally believe that simplicity plays a big role in the making of a good photographer. Your mind tends to see the picture before your eyes do, it imagines the smallest of details then reflects them through you camera lens – that’s how you end up making a piece of art.”  – said Reem Al-Sheikh (@reemalsheikh)

We’ve got a photography combo for you today
We’ve got a photography combo for you today
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