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11 Pizza Places in Cairo Food Bloggers Swear By

11 Pizza Places Food Bloggers Swear By

For many of us every day is pizza day. For a while now, Cairo has harvested the kind of pizzas that make it onto popular Instagram feeds. So, are you ready to ditch that diet and try one (or more)? For the love of that, we’ve rounded up the city’s best pizzas that have food bloggers coming back for more.

  1. Cairoeats – Olivo


“Another pizza you have to try at Olivo would be their famous ‘Bresaola Pizza’. Again a regular Margherita covered with air-dried salted Italian beef slices, fresh arugula with some shredded parmesan cheese on top! It was delicious and the amount of bresaola was perfect as its salty flavor did not overpower the pizza, but again we recommend more cheese!” – @Cairoeats

  1. Cairospots – Il Divino Pizzeria


“Some say that you can find the best Pizza in Cairo at @ildivinozamalek, we didn’t know this for a fact until we went there today for the first time! You’ll just have taste it & judge for yourself!” – @Cairospots

  1. Hungry Egyptian – Andiamo Pizza Garden & Bar


“Our favorite would have to be Andiamo’s pizza. Their quality of pizza is like no other; perfect crust and fresh topping combinations.” – @hungryegyptian

  1. Byafoodaholic – Vinny’s


“We decided to try this mighty Pizza Cake from @vinnyscairo and it was BIG! It’s also very fresh, soft and hot when served. We loved how generous they were with the toppings!”

– @byafoodaholic

  1. Midoeats – Pepenero


“This Pizza is called Don Livio. The hand-shaped dough gives this pizza an authentic feel. The balanced amount of toppings makes every ingredient shine and gives a mix of flavors on each slice.” – @midoeats

  1. Foodicious World Eg – Gigi’s Burger Bar


“One of my very favorite pizza is Gigi’s pizza! The crust is thin, crispy and light. The red sauce base is just beyond phenomenal and has a twisty spicy taste. Also, the amount of cheese and toppings are always overly generous. We could barely finish it on your own and what makes it even better is their in-house ketchup sauce that you basically use in everything.” – @foodiciousworld.eg

  1. Ramy Soli – Backfire Egypt


“Everyone is talking about @backfireegypt‘s burgers but their real star is the ‘Backfire Pizza’ light dough with puffy edges topped with loads of barbeque infused chili con carne and mozzarella cheese.” – @ramysoli

  1. The Hungry Giraffe Eats – 3al 7atab


In Cairo, a decent authentic pizza is hard to come by, and we’re seriously lacking in the pizza department. So one day we get an invite from a friend to go try out a new pizza place called 3al 7atab in Maadi, to our surprise it was a well-hidden, no signs on the door kind of restaurant. Inside there was a small open seating area and a kitchen. They serve wood-fired pizza, which in my opinion, is the best pizza you could have. Their pizza are the best I’ve ever had in Cairo and they also serve traditional Italian appetizers like Arancini and Portobello mushroom balsamic vinaigrette.” – @thehungrygiraffeeats

  1. Omar’s Food – Kazlak


“I love a good vegetarian pizza, this was another highlight of our dinner at @kazlakegypt baked right in front of us, this delicious pizza had olives, spinach, basil, tomatoes, baba ghanoush (yes, you read right), mozzarella, peppers and my favorite of all, sesame.” – @omarsfood

  1. Shendy’s Food Insanity – The Edward’s


One of my favorite pizzas is the “Meat lovers” from The Edwards. I love it because it is a thin crust pizza loaded with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, topped with five delicious kinds of meat: pepperoni, pastrami, turkey bacon, smoked turkey and of course don’t forget about the meat balls. It is not easy to find all of these toppings in one pizza and still have the perfect taste.” – @shendysfoodinsanity

  1. Foodie.Doctors – Maison Thomas


“What we love the most about Maison Thomas is that it’s the most consistent in terms of quality. We also love its 24-hour delivery service. Truly a lifesaver!” – @foodie.doctors

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