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2019 in a Nutshell

Here comes the ending of 2019 filled with dark and bright spots.

Amazon Wildfires:

World is evolving as years pass, getting clearer and kind of harder. Amazon wildfires happen every year and it’s totally normal. Though this year fire was far away from normal, there was more burning than usual and that goes viral on social media as people around the world were getting worried about environmental balance and ecosystems.

Bran the Broken Took the Set on the Throne:

The ending of Game of Thrones was shocking to all of us. People hesitated between Jon Snow, Mother of Dragons and Cersei. But, Bran! That was so unforeseen.

“The Aniston Effect” Gave 1 More Million Followers to the Friends:

In 5 hours and 16 minutes from her debut, Jennifer Aniston hit 1 million followers on Instagram. Not only this. But, also the other “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” cast followers got 1 more million followers since her debut.

At this moment Aniston account hit the 20 million followers.

Joaquin Phoenix Outstanding Performance as Joker:

Joker 2019 is the first big winner of the year award season. People all over the world were so impressed by the movie, the scenes, the colors, the music and the outstanding performance of Phoenix.

Joker was Phoenix’s career plot twist. People now compare his performance with Heath Ledger!

Mohi Ismail “we eh tany?” Trend:

During Alexandria Film Festival, a reporter held a press meeting with Mohi Ismail. Or actually he was trying to, as Ismail was answering in a hurry saying that he has never watched (El Mamar) movie and he only remembers his movie and his “Genius” performance. His spontaneous way of speaking and his funny character set him on-trend for a while.

For the Second Successive Year, Salah Won CAF Player of the year award.

Once again Mohamed Salah did it saying “I’m proud to win it twice, I must thank my family and my teammates, and I dedicate this award to my country, Egypt.”

All of a Sudden, You’d Add Saudi Arabia to Your Travel List (for fun)!

During the year, we’ve witnessed a huge transformation in Saudi Arabia tourism. As for the first time in life, Saudi Arabia organizes real concerts for international stars and bands!

Haytham Ahmed Zaki Death:

At the age of 35, died the Egyptian actor Haytham Zaki -the son of the iconic Ahmed Zaki- lonely at his apartment. He was found 2 days after the death. People were so emotional with his death on social media because of the lonely-sad life he had.

In 2019, we also said goodbye to many of our beloved stars like Ezzat Abu-Uf, Farouk El-Feshawy, Talaat Zakaria, Gameel Rateb and many others who will always exist in our hearts.

Eventually, the year can’t be totally dark or shine. However, you decide whether to call it good or bad. Life is a mix of happy and sad times. Pick up the good spots and make them the year achievements and for the bad ones, make them the next year challenges. It’s all in your mind.

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