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5 Reasons why you should start doodling ASAP

Some consider doodling a hobby, while others take it as a profession.

Personally, I consider it a way to find myself, to let my brain express itself as well as a way to unleash my own creations and art.

Some will try to pull you down from doodling but do not you ever let them.

They are just jealous of you being able to draw these beautiful drawings.

Anyways here are five reasons why you should start doodling like right now!

1. A way to express yourself

By striking that first line, you are kind of expressing who you are and what do you want.

With each line you draw, your mind tells you strike is an expression in itself; it has a meaning deep down in the chambers of your own brain.

It is a way for your brain to talk to you.

mind map for your emotions, thoughts, sentiments and soul.

2. It acts as a stress reliever 

How many times did you catch yourself when you are stressed drawing this meaningless lines and circles without you being actually conscious of these lines?

Well, next time you feel stressed, try picking up a pen, a piece of paper and just draw the next thing that comes to your mind.

These doodles will make wonders and positively channel that big chunk of stress into a beautiful drawings.

3. It doesn’t come with a price

It is basically free, all you need is a piece of paper and a pen.

You do not have a pen and paper? Doodle on your smart phone.

Do not own a smart phone?! There are plenty of websites that let you draw using your laptop mouse.

Also, it is free to learn; you can find plenty of ideas, videos and images all over the web.

4. There is no wrong in doodling.

Even if your line is not straight or your egg-shaped circle just appeared out of the blue, do not worry, you will find a way to reuse and incorporate these crooked lines into a whole new creation.

By the end you will find out that your doodle is just perfect in itself.

It is where you come to embrace your mistakes and make something gorgeous out of them.

Every doodle in itself is a pure beautiful creation.

5. Because why not?

Stuck in these boring meetings? Doodle.

Angry, stressed or happy? Doodle.

Do you have plenty of energy and do not know how to channel it? Doodle.

Wanna boost your creativity? Doodle.

Wanna kill time? Doodle.

I think I will go doodle now, doodle you later.

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