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5 Street Food Carts You Should Try Out At Least Once

Street food carts are a trend that has been growing in Cairo streets for the last couple of years.

Introducing new flavors and an exceptional eating experience, street food grew popular day after day.

Whether you can afford to eat at fancy restaurants or not, street food carts became one of the simplest yet enjoyable hangouts for Cairenes regardless of their social standard.

We rounded up 5 street food carts that Cairenes just can’t get enough from.


Reem El Mosrshdy is considered the first Egyptian girl ever to have her own “Kebda” cart.

Located in Makram Ebeid Street, nasr City, Reemosha’s menu boasts all that is ‘Kebda and Sgo2’.

From kebda or sgo2 oven pasta to sgo2 tajin and kebda/sgo2 sandwiches, Reemosha is the perfect hangout for those craving some spiced street food for a reasonable price.

Sushi Bike

Mark and Andrew are huge Sushi addicts who managed to open their own Sushi Bike located near El Rehab City.

Knowing that sushi isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and competing with renowned names to grab sushi lovers to their carts, the two GUC graduates succeeded in balancing the hard equation of scrumptious sushi bites for reasonable prices.

If you haven’t tried Sushi Bike yet, go and tingle your taste buds with some of the freshest sushi you will ever taste.

Sushi bike now delivers to Tagmoaa and Rehab City.

Joy Cupcakes

Mina and Gina are brother and sister, who originally started baking sweet goodness from home until one day they decided to open their own dessert cart.

Located in Sheraton, Heliopolis, Joy Cupcake sells to-die-for sweet bites for unbelievably affordable prices.

From the heavenly tasted dirt cake to creamy cheesecake cups and their playful cake pops, Joy Cupcakes also make special orders for special occasions.


A married couple, Mojo and Noha, roamed Cairo streets with their sweet potato invention.

From their sweet potato Nutella tart to their mashed sweet potato cups topped with all sorts of fresh fruits, nuts, and chocolates, Bybike is located in Nozha street.

Just look for that cute yellow bike and you will know for sure you are in for a roller coaster.


Just look for that big funny looking truck parked in Heliopolis and you are there.

Offering all that food our tummies just can’t say no to from nachos, hot dogs, wraps, fries, cheese fries, chicken Cheetos wrap and more, Vagabond’s menu boasts diverse eats from all of our favorite cuisines.

A moving truck spreading joy through their scrumptious and delicious bites, this is one truck you should definitely try out.

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