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5 Ways you can enjoy a festive New Year’s Eve at home

Celebrating New Year’s Eve outside of the house may not be everyone’s cup of tea as some prefer to stay at home or gather at some friend’s house and just do 2017 the honours from the comfort of their own homes.

Which is why; we gathered 5 ways by which you can enjoy a festive New Year’s Eve at home.

1- Movie Night

Host a movie night at your house with friends or family with the right snacks and voila, you get your perfect night ever.

Whether it’s romantic, comedy, thriller, drama, or whatever that just set your mood, just make sure you get a pack of movies, hit the play button and enjoy the show.

2- Game Night

It’s always fun when games time is on. Get that play station of yours, or better, wipe the dust off of your monopoly board and start playing.

Games night are always the best time to hangout and have some good old-fashioned fun.

You can also spice things up by making game tournaments and spend the entire bonding and spending some playful times with your family.

3- Family Dinner

Invite over all your family members and cook them their favourite meal. Nothing beats a cold winter night than serving delicious eats amidst cosy ambiance.

4- Make your own home decorations

Doing New Year’s decorations yourself is extremely fun. Blow up balloons, hang up some lights and spread the holiday spirit all over your place.

You can even make that a family thing where all family members make their own corner.

Even a better idea, create your own theme decoration. Why not celebrate this New Year’s Eve in Paris. The sky is your limit here folks.

5- Resolution box

You can even make this a yearly thing by simply reflecting on your old resolutions and making new ones then putting them in your resolution box for your next year.

Your yearly resolution box game will make share a lot about yourself with your family member or friends, receive advice on how to make the next year an even better one…it’s a time when people create strong bonds with each other.

Happy New Year Folks!

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