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5 Ways to pull an All-White outfit this summer

Summer in Egypt honestly feels like a test to your limits to endure the weather. So trying to survive the temperature, the last thing you care about is fashion; you’re only trying to find an outfit you wouldn’t melt wearing it.

Therefore, it makes sense to stay away from dark-colored garments; especially black ones as they absorb all wavelengths of light and reflect none, so they attract heat.
White, on the other hand, reflects all wavelengths of light and absorbs the least amount of heat.

But can you pull an All-White ensemble; here are some images to inspire your next outfit this summer:

Casual style

A basic white T-shirt and comfy pants are perfect for running errands and casual hangouts. Adding a pop of color to this outfit like a burgundy backpack or pink sneakers can elevate the get-up to a new level.

Class it up

A classy button-down shirt with white trousers is excellent for a smart casual look, pair with the right heels and accessories to complete the look.
The shirt could have a small pattern or print on it to spice things up.

Suit up

Let’s take a page from Barney Stinson’s book and follow his advice for always looking sharp and suit up.
Power suits are suitable for office hours and meeting, but also formal wear events like weddings and engagement parties. The difference is the proper footwear and accessories for each occasion.

Summer dresses

An All-White dress in breathable and comfy material is an excellent choice for summer. Mainly for vacations and beaches, pair with sandals and a beach bag to complete the look.

Blazer dresses

Another summer staple that’s also convenient for formal events or fancy dinners. You can take it up a notch by choosing a glamorous strappy heel and a chic clutch.

Those are some of the essential pieces for summer’19; don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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