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6 Winter foods to help you keep your summer body

Between freezing weather, continues rain and the desire to crawl to our beds and get under layers of covers, many of us tend to put on weight during winter. Some blame it on the gloomy winter days that cause depression, hence comforting themselves with food; while others blame it on wanting to warm their bodies by eating more -which is a total lie by the way but we will get to that later.

Whether you eat to comfort yourself or to warm your body or to just pass time when nothing you could do in this slippery weather but to stay inside, a lot of us suffer from gaining tons of weight during winter due to the bad eating habits.

Which is why we give 6 winter foods you can eat that will help you in losing weight during this cold season and keep your summer body as is.


Craving something hot and warm to ease the cold and freezing winter days, then a hot bowl of oatmeal will do the trick. Instead of going for a cup of hot chocolate that is packed with thousands of calories, switch to oatmeal that isn’t only packed with all the vitamins your body needs, but also provides your body with enough energy to beat freezing nights.

Prickly pears

If your sweet tooth is acting up, nothing is more appealing than natural slim sweets. Prickly peers are known to be rich in high levels of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and copper. So, the next time you crave something sweet at night, just make sure your fridge is full of those heavenly tasted prickly pears.

Coconut milk

Finding healthy alternatives to the foods we consume is always a great way to stay fit and healthy. Which is why, coconut milk is one of those foods we should switch to as it is full with fibers, magnesium, Vitamin E and C. It is also known for its weighting loss properties as it helps speed up your metabolism.

Chia seeds

Its soluble fiber increases your chances in weight loss especially during winter as it elongates the satiety duration. All you need to do is just add them to your morning smoothies or sprinkle them in yoghurt and you will be stuffed for long periods of time.

Dark chocolate

Who said it all has to be fruits and vegetables for you to be able to lose weight during winter. Dark chocolate is perfect answer for those who crave to break their restrictive eating habits without crossing the lines. Known for lowering the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes, Dark chocolate when consumed in a considerable amount is extremely healthy and an irreplaceable item in your diet.


An extremely delicious and nutritious food, cowpeas are rich in iron, copper and potassium. With only half a cup per day (80 calories), you will maintain strong bones for they are rich in calcium and phosphorus.

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