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A graduation project that calls out for a change

Every year, a mass communication team of seniors come up with this mind-blowing idea to tackle a social issue, a society dilemma, a politic matter, a culture trait … etc. Their ideas come out into the world and open up our eyes to a certain topic that passed right out from under our noses.

This year, out from Cairo University’s mass communication seniors a ground breaking project was born. A project calling out to all men and women in seats of power, students, schools, teachers and parents to put their hands together and work together on making the education system better for a brighter future.

The Egyptian Knowledge Bank is calling out for a change in each Egyptian’s future.

Being one of the most controversial matters in Egyptian society, Education needs years of work to be more constructive path for everyone to talk upon. It’s the process of easing the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits, it’s the process of building personalities, setting down the path for leaders of the future, it’s how scientists are born, engineers, teachers, doctors, presidents, business leaders, mothers, policemen, actors, writers, artists, and many more successful citizens and that’s how society is built, it’s how society flourish.

Education is the engine, the clockwork that moves the society towards future horizons.

“The EKB is meant to be the agent of change in the educational process providing a whole new environment where the student can decide their favorite path and seize the chance to be creative, innovative and a unique person!”

In parallel with the President Abdel-fattah elSisi’s initiative to lead Egyptian society towards one that learns, thinks and innovate. Back in 2014, during the science day the councils of the presidency started to launch several national projects allied towards the education development. Several projects were launched as ICT Competency Framework for Teachers, the presidential leadership program for youth and finally The Egyptian Knowledge Bank. It is one of the biggest national projects aiming to supply a wide, diverse range of knowledge sources.

Studying and education won’t be just filling books inside students’ brains, but understanding information in a simple way that make it easy for us to remember them later on, and this is by using the Egyptian Knowledge Bank.

The team of PR and Marketing senior students of class 2018 at the Faculty of Mass Communication, English Section, Cairo University – designers, writers, filmmakers, editors and creators – worked really hard on putting together a full widely ranged awareness campaign – targeting school students, parents and teachers – to get word out and open the eyes of citizens towards this project to change the future.

“Our Vision is that we believe that the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) is a revolutionary innovation in Egypt’s educational system, it’s expected to be the cornerstone of the educational reform strategy. Using only the national ID, all Egyptians have access to priceless world-level knowledge.”

Creating a multiple social media platforms, posting news about the process and progress of the project and portraying its successes and targets in an accurately designed, colorful and intriguing posts. As well as a couple of public relation events to spread more on ground awareness and the events took place in Kabool orphanage, 57357 hospital and Ahly-Club. As well as creating hashtags to help the word spread more like #EKB #learn_to_know #اتعلم_تعرف

A graduation project that calls out for a change
A graduation project that calls out for a change

“Our Mission is to reach as many Egyptians as we possibly could to spread the word about the value EKB brings about. Also we hope to help everybody skip any digital barriers and gain the digital literacy needed to leverage the benefits this huge digital library provides. We target spreading awareness of the importance of introducing interactive learning through modern technology as an impactful initiative”

Living in the time of high-tech, the entire world seeks e-learning, where education is not about the teachers anymore, class, boards and taking notes. It became more about the interaction, the experience, flipping the classroom, increasing the capacity of critical thinking and creativity.

Launched in January 2016, the Egyptian Knowledge Bank works to make all e-contents, trainings, education curriculum and courses available to all. The accessibility for the knowledge is highly essential to all educational institutions, research centers and education facilities. Naturally those contents were the result of years of collection through for example the Library of Alexandria, the supreme council of universities, the scientific research academy and many more research institutions.

It’s the future of hope, the revolution of education.

A project this big and vital needed many to believe in its power and those students did and still do, still spreading the word, still creating to make it more knowledgeable and accessible to all.

A graduation project that calls out for a change
A graduation project that calls out for a change

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EKB.Graduation.Project/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ekb.graduation.project/





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