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A Parade of Festive Delicacies Is Waiting For You This Chinese Lunar New Year at Conrad Cairo Hotel

Conrad Cairo Hotel is welcoming the Chinese New Year with a massive culinary celebration in its Asian themed Kamala Restaurant from 25th of Jan till 8th of February.

In order to bring good luck for the New Year, you need to indulge in one of the symbolic traditional food which is thought to resemble wealth, prosperity, happiness and fullness.

We joined Cairenes last Saturday to enjoy Kamala’s top chef signature authentic Chinese dishes,

We opted for Sweet Corn Egg-Drop Soup as a start, the soup has plenty of fresh flavors, it was hearty and satisfying and we totally recommend it for vegetarians and people on diet as it has a good balance between low caloric intake and sufficient amount of nutrients.

Afterwards we were advised to try out Good Fortune Noodles, Pan Fried Dumplings with Beef and Steamed Seas Bass as main dishes. The three dishes were the perfect pick for the day.

The Good Fortune Noodles, being part of the Chinese history for more than 1000 years now, we had to try it out. It is fried egg noodles with vegetables and soy sauce. A mouthwatering classic flavor that no one can resist. 

Moving to Pan Fried Dumplings with Beef, the dough was consistent and really luscious, the minced beef was savory. The overall filling had a bold flavor and the edges were crispy and tender.

Our last dish was Steamed Seas Bass, a superb succulent fish, soft flaky texture, steamed with green onion and ginger, stuffed with fragrant herbs to give us a fantastic flavors inside-out.

Overall, we had a memorable experience that we will keep remembering till next lunar New Year. We urge you to go and explore the authentic Chinese culture through Kamala’s set menus. 

Conrad Cairo team will make sure to end up Lunar New Year celebration with a special Friday brunch on 7th of February, from 1 pm to 5 pm, at Solana restaurant. For reservations, please call 0225808481

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