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AFCON 2019: A guide for a hassle-free day at the stadium

The African Cup of Nations is just hours away, and by now everyone is excited to cheer for our national team by making plans for where to watch, some will be watching at home others at Cafés and coffee shops.

However, thousands will be heading to the stadium for a once in a lifetime experience. But it’s crucial to learn the regulations and rules before heading there to guarantee an enjoyable experience for you and everyone else there.

So check some of the suggestions to keep in mind before going there:

Stay hydrated

With plenty of vendors and sellers there, make sure to grab a bottle of water beforehand to stay hydrated in this hot weather and prevent a heat stroke.

Choose the right outfit

People will arrive at the stadium hours in advance so the lines will be crazy, so choose a weather appropriate outfit.
Bring your sunglasses and a cap because you will be standing in the sun for a while.

Take a small bag

Keep your things to a minimum to avoid losing your valuables.
It’s preferred not to put your cell phone and wallet in your pockets, but bring a fanny pack or a small messenger bag.

Please don’t litter

This one goes without saying, but keep the place clean and throw your litter in trash cans to keep the venue neat and tidy.

Carpool with friends

The roads are going to be packed, and the traffic will be terrible, so instead of taking a solo ride book a ride with a bunch of your friends. Book your trips in advance to avoid network failures.

Avoid banners and flags

Imagine trying to enjoy the match only to find someone with a huge banner in front of you blocking your view.
Enjoy the match and the team spirit, but without ruining the experience for others around you.

Respect the queues

There is no need to try to outsmart others by not following the lines or taking someone else’s spot. Also, avoid pushing and any other form of aggressive behavior.

Those rules were for people attending at the stadium, but if you’re still looking for a spot to watch CNL gathered a couple of places for you to enjoy the match.

– Cairo Festival City Mall.
– Stage El Zamalek.
– The District Mall.
– Eat & Barrel.
– Oldish Masr El Gdeda.
And of course our all-time favorite Ahwa Baladi.              

Tell us where you’re going to be watching and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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