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Ahmed Nazmi kicks off the new season of Grand Nile Tower Arts & Cultural Center

In collaboration with the Sultan Qa’itbay Foundation, one of the Center’s initial partners, Grand Nile Tower Arts & Cultural Center to hold periodic events including concerts and art exhibitions at Maq’ad of Sultan Qa’itbay and the hotel’s headquarters, from October 28th: November 9th sponsored by the Grand Nile Tower.

For the second year, Grand Nile Tower Arts & Cultural Center has proven its impact on the artistic scene by showcasing a wide variety of musical activities by allowing Egyptian artists to express themselves and display their musical talents in an enchanting atmosphere.

The festival’s program ranges between the classical European, East Asian and oriental music to new musical collaborations.

Whether it’s in the hotel or at the most famous historical places that double as tourist attractions, as the foundation will offer tourist tours for hotel guests to have special adventures in Cairo’s old architectural locations.

The Grand Nile Tower Arts & Cultural Center was launched in 2018 as part of the hotel’s corporate social responsibility initiative, offering independent artists and young talent the opportunity to perform in a reputable venue.

The talented Ahmed Nazmi kicked off the second round with a successful performance at the terrace of the Grand Nile Arts Center on Oct 31st; he entertained the audience with his jazz-fusion creations.

The concert was highly anticipated and was attended by many concert-goers and great musicians like Fathy Salama amongst others.

Nazmi started as a piano player at the young age of 6, but it was at the age of 15 that he discovered his passion for bass playing.

He is best known for his unique style of blending the traditions of jazz and African music with Egyptian music to create his signature approach to bass playing.

Nazmi also played with great Egyptian musicians like Yehia Khalil and Fathy Salama and toured internationally with his band The Hot Potato Project.


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