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Al Ostora “Mohamed Ramdan” is in a real problem !

Many of us can’t identify wether Mohamed Ramdan is considering himself an actor or a singer.
As he introduced himself to us as an actor at the very beginning, and now he has a series every Ramdan that achieves high viewership, but on the other hand, he releases many songs and even has his own concerts.

Recently Mohamed Ramdan according to the musicians syndicate “Hany Shaker” ‘s formal decision, got banned from singing just like the mahrganat singers.

Mohamed Ramdan

People reactions to the decision was varied from these who supports this decision, thinking Ramdan is a real threat to the art and culture.. To those who attacked Hany Shaker and expressed their ultimate love and support for Ramdan.

Among the consequences of this ban, Ramdan’show segment got canceled in the coming Egyptian Super match between Ahly and Zamalek that will be held in Emirates.

On the other side, Mohamed Ramdan who didn’t comment on the syndicate’s decision yet, was recently pictured celebrating his sister’s engagement.


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