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Avengers: Infinity War, movie talk

All that’s been buzzing around for the past weeks is Infinity War. The third Avengers long awaited movie; the movie all Marvel loyal fans have been dying to see. It was a mission impossible to avoid spoilers because they were everywhere.

I myself avoided them like the plague itself, it was not an option for me to be spoiled considering the fact that I kind of knew things are bound to go downhill. I went in even without watching the full trailer; trust me it’s always better to go in and get surprised right there in the movie theatre; and surprised I was!

Just a piece of advice, if you still haven’t watched the movie GO! Watch the movie and come back to take part in the talk and discussions.

In Infinity War, 99% of our Marvel heroes show up. It was a gathering of awesomeness in the mission to save the world as we know, but this time our bad guy wants to wipe out humanity itself; people, life as we know it. Bad, bad news! Naturally, our Avengers would not step away from a fight; when did they ever do such a thing?

“The idea of the movie is epic! I am big fan of the Avengers so I am a bit biased.
It has a lot of details which needed to be focused the whole movie but I enjoyed that there were a lot of laughable moments in between the lines… It was fun!
The new duet – conflict between Doctor Strange and the Ironman was nice and different!”- @radwashoukry

From the very first minute, it was very obvious that the plot of the movie is one hell of an intense one. It opens up to a sort of fight scene – which ends badly and I was in tears, but let’s not spoil that – and things were pretty hot-wired. Everyone was on the edge of their seats. That my friend was the first five minutes only.

“I didn’t feel a second of boredom from start to finish despite it being almost 2.5 hours. It was the perfect balance between drama, action and comedy and all the actors’ performance really knocked the wind out of me, you could tell each of them gave it their all!” — @zeinafaragh (https://www.instagram.com/zeinafaragg/)

Don’t even think that things calm later, oh no, the rollercoaster is just starting and the ride is wild after that.

Being our main character and also the villain, Thanos portrayed a very complex personality; one that conveys a man who’s got a greater good target right in front of him and go through atrocious means to achieve it. He’s a villain who believes himself to be the only hero and that is the worst and best kind of villain. Throughout the movie, his scenes kept us all on our toes and there was no relaxing whatsoever whenever his big, purple faced showed up.

“I have to say that this time Marvel did the movie well especially on the character building of each and every one of all the superheroes. I was expecting it to be lack of portrayal/ overshadowed on some roles but hey, everyone has a very notable scene. The story is well conveyed but this time it’s not like any other Marvel movies; we have to think deeper and understand the significance of the antagonist character in order to understand the whole movies. Almost like DC movies, it leaves you with flood of emotions that is not confusing but rather a harmony of it. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s thrilling. I can’t wait for the next movie!” — @hadimussss (https://www.instagram.com/hadimussss/)

Not only the villain was exceptionally good in Infinity War, but our heroes were unexpectedly evolved. For each we saw a different side than we’re used to, a more human side; yes, human is the correct word. We grew to love them as the unbeatable heroes, the ones who always have solutions to every problem, the ones who can never get beat-up, lose a fight or breakdown emotionally. Well, creators of Infinity War, I applaud you for the outstanding effort because seeing their human side, emotions and vulnerability made them even more fantastic to all of us.

Whether it was Ironman’s emotions, Thor’s heartbreak and rise to power, Spiderman’s breakdown, Wanda’s love or even Hulk’s confusion and troubled connection with Banner, it was all so well done and portrayed. Proven the fact that this movie was one hell of tough work to put together; so many characters with many plotlines overlapping and stories intertwining and the outcome was amazing and super entertaining.

“The movie was absolutely amazing, I love how they broke the happy ending rule – I like that a lot, the actual comics aren’t all sunshine and happiness too – where eventually the heroes will win.” — @ygalal36 (https://www.instagram.com/ygalal36/)

The wait till the next part is going to be extremely tortuous, especially with the open end; leaving us all to wander at how things would work out next.

Till then, let’s talk Avengers! What did you guys think of the movie? Who’s your favorite Avenger?




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