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How to Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla

How to Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla

We’re all familiar with the term “bridezilla”. We know that planning your wedding is one of the most stressful experiences you’ll ever have and we also know that you want everything to be perfect from the flower decorations to of course, your appearance. Undoubtedly you’re a caring, loving woman, but you’re also an engaged woman and that makes you endangered of becoming temporarily toxic for your bridesmaids and everyone dealing with you during that time period. So, attention brides-to-be: put down whatever it is you’re doing and take a look at how not to become a bridezilla list below.

1. Don’t compare your wedding to others’.

Almost all of my friends have compared their wedding to other people’s weddings – such a terrible idea. Each wedding is different and you should never compare because you’ll end up overthinking and second guessing your ideas.

2. Ignore all useless opinions.

Nothing is more irritating than people’s input on how to plan your wedding day. Everyone you know will have something to say about what you should and shouldn’t do. The minute you decide planning, ignore 95% of all the input thrown in your face.

  1. Don’t talk endlessly about your wedding.

You run into a friend and she casually asks about how the wedding planning is going. A second later, she’s listening to a 30-minute monologue on how the florist got lilac peonies instead of lavender ones. You need to trust that your wedding will turn out fine and that nobody wants to hear about it 247. So, the next time someone asks about your wedding, keep your answers short and sweet.

3. Don’t forget to manage your budget.

Most brides are mesmerized with planning an unforgettable wedding that they go into debt. Budgets add to the stress you’re already having. Do your research about the average cost of everything. That way you can decide what you can and can’t afford step by step. Not wearing a Vera Wang dress isn’t going to make you any less beautiful.

4. Be nicer to your bridesmaids.

They are here for you. They are spending their salaries on bridesmaid dresses, bachelorette trips, parties and wedding gifts. The more you obsess over your wedding, the more you and your bridesmaids drift further away. Don’t boss them around or enslave them. This behavior usually causes resentment and sooner or later, you’ll become crazy-pants that nobody wants to hang out with.

5. Don’t neglect your fiancé.

Yes, it’s all about you and it’s your day and what not. However, your need to remember that there is someone else of equal importance here – your fiancé. He may not care about which flowers you’re going to get or which design of the wedding dress you’re going to wear, but this is still his day too and he has a right to opinions on his own wedding.

6. Don’t become a control freak.

You need to stop obsessing over having the “perfect” wedding. Yes, it’s your day, but it’s not everyone else’s. The people you love cannot put their life on hold for your big day and you shouldn’t expect them to. You need to calm down, take a step back and look at the control freak you’ve become.

7. Give yourself a break.

It is important to have a time-out. Plan gathering that are all about fun and bonding. Plan a girl’s night out and let loose. You deserve it!

8. It’s alright to ask for help.

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Get support and divide the work. Your bridesmaids are here to help you – use them. Your groom, of course, needs to be involved as well.

9. Remind yourself it’s about having the time of your life.

All brides have the potential of transforming into a raging psycho during wedding planning. Try to remind yourself why you wanted to get married in the first place and this day is supposed to be the happiest of your life. When all is said and done, all anyone is ever going to remember is whether your wedding was fun.

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