Basic Cinema Etiquettes

Going to the movie theatre used to be fun, the flick you’ve been looking forward to seeing is finally released, there’s always some new technology to make the experience more memorable.

But nowadays it feels like going to the movies is a test for your patience and to calculate how long you can tolerate the obnoxious behavior of others who have no regard for rules, Cinema etiquette and pretty much any shred of common sense.

Here are some rules to follow for making the event enjoyable for everyone:

Don’t Bring Babies
When you bring an infant to a loud action movie, for example, then expect others to be understanding when the rules specifically stated no kids under the age of six allowed, that’s downright rude and you’re ruining the experience for yourself and others as well.

Hogging the Armrest
Obviously, armrests are there to share yes, it can be tricky to figure the station when you’re sitting next to strangers, but it doesn’t make sense for one person to occupy the cup holder and both armrests while others around you suffer.

Arriving In Time

There’s no annoying feeling more than people moving in front of you after the flick starts.
You’re trying to focus and enjoy the movie, but every couple of minutes someone or even a group of people is walking in front of you to reach their seats.
Try getting there before the movie starts or at least during the commercials to avoid this predicament.

Considering Shorter People
If you’re blessed with good genes and height, then have mercy on smaller folks and pick a seat in the back of the theater.
Obviously, this is not an obligation, but it’s quite a nice gesture on your behalf so individuals behind you could enjoy the movie without struggling to see.

Taking a Phone Call
It goes without saying that your phone needs to be on silent mode before the film begins, but some people still don’t get this point, disrupting people around and perhaps in the entire auditorium and talking loudly.If you must take this phone call excuse yourself and go outside otherwise silent mode it is.

Loudly Talking During the Movie
Ask yourself this, are these people here to watch the picture or to listen to your witty comments and loud jokes with your friends.People pay the ticket’s price to have a nice time, but that’s impossible to achieve if you’re someone is constantly speaking during it.Same goes for watching the movie before and ruining it for other with continuous spoilers.

Pick You Snacks
Choose candy with easy to open wrappers, Chips are not preferred, as they could get loud as hell; try to consume your food as quietly as possible for the sake of others.Also, non-smelly snacks are a must in closed spaces.

Those are some of the rules to follow in the movie theater.

Tell us your stories with an inconsiderate moviegoer, and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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