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Because of J. K. Rowling all our lives got magical

Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.

Back in 1997, magic hit shelves in every corner of the world. J. K. Rowling’s debut first novel in the fantasy series – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – swept young kids, teenagers and adults all alike off their feet and they all buckled up for a magical ride to Hogwarts. Telling the story of young Harry Potter, who’ve lost his parents to the dark magic of Lord Voldemort, constantly struggling for his life and learning all about magic at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

1090739 words, 3363 pages, 199 characters, 17 hours, 14 minutes, 8 movies, 7 books, 1 story

From the very first chapter The Boy who Lived and until the very last words; all was well; all our lives have changed. In between those two markers, we lived through every single word, if you’re like myself and many other potterheads have picked up the books since a young age, you’ll know what it means to have grown up with these characters.

For many of us, Harry Potter is not just a story. For many, it’s the thing that gives strength, it’s what made them who they are today, it’s what inspires creativity, and it’s what we aspired to and were inspired with all our lives. And it’s what helped many overcome struggles in their lives and hope for a better day.

For many, the Harry Potter series was true magic in the form of words.


“At first when I was a kid, I was utterly fascinated by the concept of magic itself and how they can do a lot of things and it helped me a great deal to develop a wide imagination. Growing up, the impact was much more complex and beautiful to explain, I saw each and every character’s development and they came to be who they are, I got strength from their bravery and intellect, it helped me grow into who I am.” – @_zeyadhesham_

No matter how old you are, young or an adult the story will mean something and will touch a deep part within your soul and no matter how many times you pick it up, it will take a whole new perspective to you; one that you need in that phase of your life.

“I’m 30 years old and I am still waiting for my Hogwarts letter. If that is not Potterhead-y enough, I don’t know what else could be.” – @365_days_in_Cairo

“There can’t be a new year’s eve without watching the complete series with my best-friend, cry and wait for owls to show up carrying our Hogwarts letters.” – @shaimaa_elamir

I’m with you on this, because I know that even when I’m 70 years old, I’ll be right in my chair holding the books to my heart and reading about all the magic I lived in my life and I won’t give up on my Hogwarts letter.

“I thought all there was to the world was the bland life we live, but J. K. Rowling showed me that we all have stories to tell, even the craziest ones where we can play a game of chess with a bunch of flying keys.” – @mybookempire

Hogwarts got to be home for many of us.

“It provided an alternate world, one you could escape to whenever yours just starts to fall apart.” – @salmin_fahmy

“The world was always there for me, whenever happy or sad, excited or bored, it always filled my heart with a little bit of magic, it’s my safe haven and will always be grateful for its existence.” – @nora_morsi

With Rowling’s stubbornness and belief in her dreams she never backed down; rejection letter after rejection letter, Harry Potter made it to us all and we’ll forever be grateful. And more, we’ll be grateful for the friends these books gave us, when we were young and no comfortable around people. When we wanted ones who understood us more than anything, when we wanted a friend to whom we look up to. And also, it give us the ability to interact more with people, understand them and really see them.

“Hermoine represents all what I aspire to be.” – @pelaryoussef

“J. K. Rowling helped me understand that maybe even the most horrible people have a reason why they are who they are, they weren’t always like this, they need to be understood.” – @maryam.shouman

“The characters in Harry Potter are all so alive and inspiring in so many ways: Hermoine inspired me to try hard at school and devote my time to pursuing knowledge. Ron taught me that humor and personality are far more important than looks and reputation. Sirius Black taught me that the kindest souls are found in unexpected people.” – @avery_reads.

I’m 100% positive that Harry Potter affected a million of lives, created a thousand miracle around the world and put smiles on billions of faces, and is still doing that to this day and time. It’s a phenomenon, an endless well of love, creativity and inspiration; one that will never dry out as long as people who love it are still alive and showing it all this love and appreciation.

Now, what’s your Harry Potter story?

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