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Best moments & characters of Stranger Things season 3

Stranger things 3rd season came out on the 4th of July, and we’ve been eagerly waiting for it, so we binge-watched the 8 episodes all at once.
This season broke Netflix’s viewing records, as it was watched by 40.7 million households since it was launched.

“Before you continue, be warned there will be spoilers, and if you haven’t watched it yet make sure to stick around for end credit scenes.”

Just like many fans, we were both excited and worried since many shows start out strong then continue to disappoint as seasons go by.
But thankfully that wasn’t the case here, as this season was creepy and dark in a good way. It introduced new kickass characters, all while keeping the show’s original fundamental tone.

So check what made this season especially great for us:

 Introduction of Robin


In this season we’re introduced to the fourth and most important member of the scoops troop.
She speaks many languages, single-handedly translated and solved the Russian code and had the best story arc this season.
Fun fact: did you that Maya Hawke who plays Robin is the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke.

MVP Erica Sinclair


One of the best decisions this season was to make Erica the younger sister of Lucas, a series regular.
We were introduced to her last season, but she proved herself to be the MVP of the scoops troop.

Eleven and Max’s friendship


Eleven and Mike kept ditching their friends to spend time together, and you can tell it was messing up with the group’s dynamic. Not to mention, how they all ignored poor Will who only wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons.
But spending time with Max was a great mix up as it showed Eleven to be independent and how to figure out herself.

Murray Bauman AKA Bald Eagle


Another crucial character in defeating the Mind Flayer, he helped Joyce and Hopper communicate with Alexei, and he played a significant role in destroying the gate.

Dr. Alexei the Russian captive


The lovable Russian scientist that was supposed to be a bad guy, but we ended up rooting for him.
The Duffer Brothers made us love him then they swiftly killed him off, it’s the whole Barb situation all over again.

Joyce Byers new groove


In season one Joyce was the mother crippled with fear and helplessness, trying to find her son after his disappearance.
However, this season we loved watching her charging into dangerous situations and taking control to save her town and make sure her kids were fine.

Billy’s redemption


Since we first saw him in season 2, Billy wasn’t exactly popular with the audience considering he was a bully and a bit of a racist.
This season, things didn’t get any better for him after being controlled by the Mind Flayer, but it all changed when he stood up for Eleven and sacrificed his life to save her.

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