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Breakfast Mode: Activated – Mood Swing

What are you in the MOOD for?

Are you powering up for a long day at work, getting your post-workout fill or simply craving something sweet and tasty? Mood Swing’s Breakfast menu has it all from omelets to sandwiches, from salads to French toasts and more.

Breakfast Mode: Activated

A long work week ahead calls for nothing else than some savory omelet filled with Pastrami and Halloumi to get you going. Not fan of Pastrami, no problem dig in some scrambled cheese sausages the real breakfast of champions; it combines fried sausages with scrambled eggs with cheese what else can you ask for “YUMMY”. If you’re a bit adventurous why not go for some Rancher’s Eggs; it’s the right mix of eggs, cheese, pastrami bits with caramelized onions that is just perfect to balance out the taste of salty and sweet.

Breakfast Mode: Activated

Breakfast Mode: Activated

Craving something sweeter, this scrumptious French toast with its melted dark chocolate topped with bananas and ice cream that will leave you asking for more, that we can guarantee.


Have no worries if you get carried away on the weekend; they have you covered with their herbal green detox with a blend of apples, celery, cucumber, spinach and lemon to reboot your system. Sticking to a healthy diet is made easy with the variety of salads that can be a great post workout meal too.

So, what are in the MOOD for? Go check their diverse breakfast menu and believe me you won’t regret it; and I dare you to finish it all up 😉



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