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Breakfast Plates That Are Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

We love brunch and everything, but there will always be something special about breakfast – from the stacks of pancakes to delicious waffles to the best omelette you’ll find anywhere. Since it’s well known that you don’t always make the best decisions before you’ve had your coffee, we’ve rounded up the 10 finest breakfast plates in Egypt. You’re welcome!

  1. Qahwa – Spinach & Mushroom Omelette

Although Qahwa serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, early birds know that it’s one of the best places in Cairo to score a wide variety of omelettes. Their omelette is so fresh and perfectly cooked. Hands down, one of the best there is!

Photo via tastecairo

  1. Piazzini Restaurant – Cheese Croissant

Piazzini’s croissant nail the perfect balance between an exterior with lightly glazed crispy layers and a sweet tissue-paper thin interior. It also contains a generous amount of cheese filling!

Photo via theg3fr

  1. Casper & Gambini’s – Egg Benedict

A modern place with signature breakfast and brunch plates, needless to say Casper & Gambini’s Egg Benedict is a must-try! Their Egg Benedict is a layer of poached eggs with smoked turkey and wilted spinach on a bed of freshly baked ciabatta bread with Hollandaise sauce and a side of potato wedges. A little pricey, but totally worth it!

Photo via Storyofahopelessfoodie

  1. Andrea New Giza – Eggs with Pastrami

It’s always nice to go back to morning classic eggs. If you’re looking for something substantial, eggs and pastrami is the perfect fit. The photo speaks for itself! Totally “eggs-quisite”!

Photo via cairoeats

  1. Eatery – Egg Benedict

Another egg benedict that made our list is Eatery’s. From the looks of it, it’s pretty obvious why!

Photo via deliciousconfessions

  1. Waffle Maker – Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream Waffle

Waffles, you can’t go wrong with them. However, if you really want to venture off the classic waffle path, order the “Oreo Ice Cream Waffle”. You will not be able to resist the perfectly soft waffle topped with chocolate, oreo and vanilla ice cream. We promise!

Photo via Karimpetsadsis

  1. Ovio – Banana Pancakes

Needless to say, every single plate on Ovio’s menu is amazing. This stack of pancakes is just as beautiful as it looks. The pancakes are thick and fluffy, served with honey caramelized bananas and your choice of cinnamon-chili chocolate sauce or Nutella. Total foodgasm!

Photo via omarsfood

  1. Angie’s Place – French Toast

There comes a time when you just need two things: carbs and sugar. If you reach this point, head to Angie’s Place and try the “French Toast Heaven” – Nutella, banana and strawberries. Enough said!

Photo via cairomunch

  1. LeftBank – French Toast

Another French toast that made the list is Leftbank’s French toast with powdered sugar and cinnamon with maple syrup and cream as sides. While it looks just like conventional toast, it still gets the job done!

Photo via karimpetsadsis

  1. The Smokery – Nutella Crepe

If you have a thing for incredible French cuisine, you need to head to The Smokery. We recommend heading there for breakfast to try their Nutella crepe, as it has the perfect amount of sweetness you need to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Photo via biteandbrag

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