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Cairo NL Interview with Hilton Cairo Heliopolis Executive Chef: PHILIPPE BOSSERT

Hilton Cairo Heliopolis

Behind every good recipe, is a man bringing soul to it.

He started his journey through cooking when he was only 16. He has a strong cooking gene, his father is a Chef also and he used to take him to attend a three weeks internship under the responsibility of the Brothers Haeberlin at the Auberge de l’ill, Alsace, France.

Cairo NL chatted with Chef Philippe Bossert about his impressive journey.

Q: What inspires you to become a Chef?

Bossert: I got inspired by my father, he is a chef also who is so faithful to traditional cuisine, and he made me passionate about learning cooking and gaining knowledge about it.

Q: How did you make your way through cooking?

Bossert: The first thing is to know what to cook, the products, the people and different cultures. That’s why I started to travel a lot and visit a lot of countries around the world like Portugal, Africa, etc.

I worked for different hotels and the most important thing for me was to know what products I can get from the country so I can prepare good food.

It’s all about the good products I can reach, for me, the perfect dish consists of “60% good products and 40% chef knowledge”.

If you don’t have good products you can’t cook even if you’re the best chef in the world.

Q: If one of your guests asked for a customized dish, how will you do it?

Bossert: I ask him what he likes, I talk to him and know what he’s looking for exactly. Due to various culture, people like various things, even the degree of doneness differs.

Q: During this jolly month -December- what are you up to?

Bossert: We’re working on all Christmas products and delicious plates for an intimate holiday dinner at Le Marche French restaurant in Hilton Cairo Heliopolis.

Q: As a chef who can taste all the delicious food in the world, what’s your favorite dish?

Bossert: Well, it’s a very basic thing. My father and I, we used to go to the market every Sunday to get a farm chicken and some potatoes, good quality products which are hard to find nowadays.

My favorite dish is a grilled chicken with French fries.

Q: If there’s a message you want to deliver to Hilton guests what will it be?

Bossert: You should come and know the real taste of quality. Here in Hilton Cairo Heliopolis, we bring up the food quality.

Q: Tell us about the strangest request that has even been asked from you?

Bossert: One day I was working in Moscow and the owner of the place asked me for a specific kind of French goodie. We were in Russia and to get it I should go to France to bring it from a supplier I know well, so he sent me the next day to bring him 5 kilos of it and come back.

Q: Where do you get the products and goodie for cooking?

Bossert: From the traditional markets -not supermarkets- I go to fish market, vegetable market and so on to get the products I want to cook.

Q: So after visiting so many countries, which one is your favorite?

Bossert: Portugal is my favorite country because I can get fresh products from the Atlantic Ocean, cook it and within 2 hours it’s ready on the plates.


Chef Philippe Bossert had the privilege to cook for famous people like:

Boris Becker, Vladimir Putin, Sirikit Kitiya: the queen of Thailand and the Prince Michael of Kent.

You can’t miss the holidays at Le Marche restaurant of Hilton Cairo Heliopolis tasting the delicious meals he’s working on.

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