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Charity Commercials are thankfully taking a happier tone

Charity is big around the world, has been for the last decade. There’s always someone in need of help, a city of need, a family fighting hunger, a city fighting an illness and people with good hearts and will of iron are working hard around the world to support different charities, NGOs and organizations doing good.

In Egypt, the past couple of years, charity organizations, hospitals and NGOs started reaching out to more audience to encourage people to give their support whether by volunteering or by donations. Ramadan is the season for those campaigns and every year they come up with something different. Before they were leaning towards a depressive tone, but in 2018 they’re taking a much happier and cheerful tone and we’re loving it.

Misr El Kheir

A gathering of joy to encourage people to get together and do well and draw smiles on the faces of others, promoting #رمضان_نور  is to inspire that when you do good for society the light shines brighter.

57357 Hospital

Being one of the biggest hospitals specialized in children’s cancer in the world, their campaign this year is beyond cheerful; drawing hope on the faces of every child suffering, supporting them and encouraging them to keep their strength and resilience in this battle against cancer. We’re beyond in love with Cheb Khaled’s new commercial song.

Ahl Masr

The foundation focuses on providing free treatment and comprehensive care to Burn Survivors all over Egypt. Revolutionizing the concept of acceptance, Ahl Masr tackles the issue that injured hide and close themselves between walls; it shouldn’t be like this. In this year’s campaign they encourage all the survivors to be in the pictures, be a part of society’s photos and to never hide away their beautiful faces and big smiles. They encourage us to help and be the reason for this success.


If creativity is mentioned, Resala’s clothes donation campaign this year wins by a long shot. The entire commercial is a series of shots of different clothes complaining of neglect, not-being-used and put aside, in a small lyrical song that encourage us – the audience – to go into our wardrobe and save those clothes from the neglecting and donate them for others in need of them.

500-500 Hospital

Emotions, feels and nostalgia bursts in one’s heart when the #متجمعين_علي_الخير commercial comes on. All those actors gathering to make something good in the name of Ahmed Zaki, the shots of his movies, the emotions in their eyes and how they’re doing it with love and content. How they encourage us to do the same and influence that you can make a difference as well.

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