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Chocolate is essential to living

“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.”
― Jo Brand

This is as true as it could get. Who’s not passionately and madly in love with chocolate? It’s piece or entire bar you eat with the morning cup of coffee, it’s what brings happiness to your heart and peace to your mind and it’s insane how a piece of food could do that but as a matter of fact it’s true.

Chocolate = happiness, and add coffee to the equation and you get pure joy.

Many stay away from chocolate due to its bad reputation for causing weight gain, but what you need to do is stop feeling guilty when eating that chocolate bar you’ve been eyeing for quite some time. Chocolate in fact comes with many health benefits and therefore it’s essential in your daily life.

Dating back to the Olmec civilization in along the Mexican gulf coast around the years 1200 to 400 B.C., chocolate is made out of tropical Theobroma cacao tree seeds. It was later on spread with high popularity around the world after European discovered the Americas. Yes, chocolate is ancient and historical and to this day it makes the heart sing, the eyes twinkle and the senses awake.

Yes, chocolate is indeed associated with weight-gain, diabetes, coronary heart disease, acne and hypertension. However, its benefits are way more and with some regulations the negative effects could be limited. Chocolate contains high levels of antioxidants, who serve as protection against internal or external causes for cell damages. Other studies showed that chocolate could in fact decrease the cholesterol level and keep away the memory decline; it strengthen the memory, awesome right? Also, chocolate can reduce the risks of any problems in the body’s circulatory system. Researchers discovered that hot chocolate improved the blood flow to parts of the brain where it was needed. As well as a boost in oxygen levels when doing sports.

Farzaneh A. Sorond, said: “As different areas of the brain need more energy to complete their tasks, they also need greater blood flow. This relationship, called neurovascular coupling, may play an important role in diseases such as Alzheimer’s.”

All these benefits where proved to be a result of the cacao of which the chocolate itself is made. The more cacao – as in the more dark the chocolate is – the more the increase in benefits. Keeping in mind that other ingredients effects shouldn’t be neglected, like sugar, added flavors … etc.

Chocolate comes in many forms, whether you choose to have milk chocolate, or dark chocolate, or you even choose white chocolate – which is heavy in cream we might state, the result is joy.

Researches proved that chocolate has a couple of ingredients that increases the level of happiness in the brain, not to get very scientific on you but all you need in your day in one piece of chocolate with your breakfast, nothing too sweet and not to sour, moderate and if you keep on this routine daily, you’ll find the levels of positive energy you have did increase.

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