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Here is what every Egyptian living abroad misses about this country

Now, we all have this love hate relationship with Egypt.

True! we all subconsciously tend to oversee the negatives but we all know that Egypt “Feha 7aga 7elwa”.

The thing is, when (and if) you are living abroad; you will truly know how much you love and miss this country and why.

5- Egyptian Humor

Whether there is a tragic event, a revolution, or just a normal day, Egyptians will amaze you with their humor talent, be it a joke, a comic or even just an “2alsha”.

We all have a comedian/a satire in us, and we joke about nothing and everything, you name it.

4- Food

Food is a major theme here in Egypt.

Traditional food has its own un-duplicate-able taste.

Sure you may find “foul” or “Falafel” abroad but it won’t be the same.

Egypt’s food scene ranges from traditional food as “foul” “Ta3mya” “Koshary” to “Molokhya” “Kebda eskandrani” and “Ma7shy” to various international cuisines that offer juicy burgers, Sushi and Chicken Tikka Masala

3- Atmosphere

There is something about Mary, uh um nope, I stand corrected; there is something about Egypt.

No, seriously, Egypt’s mix between ancient and modern is absolutely dazzling.

Whatever you wish for, Egypt can offer.

Are you looking for ancient monuments and temples? Check.

Blue lagoons, coral reefs, kite surfing and diving? Check.

Sand surfing? Check.

Bedouin safari and lifestyle? Check.

Ballet and Opera? Check.

Modern shopping centers? Check.

High-end fashion retailers? Check.

International food chains? Check.

2- El Ahwa

Usually a man’s den, an Egyptian social institution where we tend to unwind, talk about our problems, play cards, watch football matches, smoke shisha and drink minted tea or Turkish coffee in small cups.

“El-Ahwa” is irreplaceable; no social gathering abroad can substitute for the noisy, smoke-filled “Ahwa”.

“Ahwa” can be an outing in itself, for instance “El-Fishawy” in the 14 century old vicinity of “Khan El-Kahlili”.

A wider form of Ahwa is coffee shops where most of the activates take place with a mixed groups of people.

1- Friends, Family and People

Probably the number one reason any expat living abroad remembers when he reminisces about home is friends and close family.

Yet also, we all do remember and love the good-hearted smiling social Egyptian.

Sure Egyptians carry huge burdens over their shoulders, yet in the midst of all of this you will find the true character of the Egypt in its people; Tahrir Square is a bare witness on this Egyptian.

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