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They should all be famous for the quite unique content they present

Influencers, public figures and bloggers … all titles that became frequently heard and very in style in 2017. Many have conquered the social media world. Whether they’re writers – who actually blog – models who wear everything with style, photographers that see the world differently, comedians that make funny and lifestyle videos or even foodies – who bless their soul, recommend all the fantastic food that has ever existed.

Some people on social media, do offer amazing and wonderful content that deserves to get them more spotlight; it’s not every day we find people that offers that to the media

Da7ee7 – الدحيح

الدحيح – "البيت كويْن"

ما وراء "البيت كويْن" و أمامه و بجانبه و تحته وفوقهDa7ee7 – الدحيح#الدحيح

Posted by ‎عربي +AJ‎ on Saturday, December 9, 2017

Ahmed ElGhandour is the founder of the number one science channel in the Arab world. Ahmed makes hilarious videos on youtube presenting scientific contents, and every-day events commentary in a quite different ways.

Watch videos on his official channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqW7G8SmyeEeQYzLOk5tdSg/videos

Andrew Ashraf سفير الشغل

Andrew has a truly wonderful mission. With an MBA degree from Wharton University in USA, Andrew seeks to alter the work market in Egypt. Always working hard and aiming for an evolution in the mindset and future of young ones. A career advisor, a business developer, and creater of the سفير الشغل campaign that aimed to deliver and connect the different ideas between companies, owners and employees in Egypt. And in one year, this campaign managed to get 30 thousands + Egyptian a job and the campaign is still going.

Find out more about Andrew Ashraf’s work here: http://www.andrewashraf.me/

Espitalia الاسبيتالية

انت واحد ولا إتنين ؟

هل حسيت قبل كدة أنك أكتر من واحد جوا بعض ؟ إيه هو أصل أسطورة الكايميرا ؟!حلقة جديدة من #الاسبتالية

Posted by ‎Espitalia – الاسبتالية‎ on Sunday, March 26, 2017

And here’s finally someone that presents medical info with a super great way. A channel founded by a young doctor – Eman El-Emam – who’s not specialized yet but has the strong talent of telling stories. In her videos she tackles a lot of medical stuff and she tells them wonderfully so you’d be interesting in getting aware of it and still learn something new.

Watch more here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC07e1ZK4KWoDWnCN-z6VUiA/featured

Passant Nur El-Din

ليه الذوق ماخرجش من مصر ?? !! واشمعنا الكوسا? ربطوها بالواسطة .. ليه مش البتنجان مثلا?? او البطيخ ?? !!!… اتفرجوا على الفيديوا ? وحاتعرفوا ليه ?

Posted by Passant Nur El-Din on Saturday, December 9, 2017

A blogger showing the history and the beauty of places around us. Making videos and posting them on the facebook page, Passant not only walks around and visit places, she tells their stories. Watching her videos is not only entertaining – because they sure are – they’re very enriching with historical info.

Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/Passant-Nur-El-Din-1443113262407258/

English capsules

English capsules
English capsules

Founded by Abdullah Amer with team members – Mohamed Elmalky, Ahmed Gouda and Adnan Antar – , English Capsules is an English learning website that aims to build the perfect English speaking communities. On this website you get sessions of speaking, writing, listening, reading, TOEFL preparation, IELTS preparation, business English and public speaking.

Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/English.Capsules/ & http://englishcapsules.com/English_Capsules/view/login

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