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5 Reasons why you should start practicing yoga instantly

Many people have a misconception about yoga as they think its restricted only to athletes and fit people who can bend, stretch and put their legs behind their heads. While this is true, yoga is also an ancient practice that involves a lot of self-exploration techniques that helps you in adopting a positive outlook on life as well as mastering self control.

Yoga is a practice for all people with different shapes, sizes, ages and capabilities, which is why we give you 5 reasons why you should start practicing yoga instantly.

Regulate your breath

Yoga helps you breath in a way that doesn’t only keep you alive, but also calms you down and open you lungs. By encouraging a more centered way of breathing, yoga acts as a stress management method and a perfect medicine for people suffering from asthma.

Improves your quality of sleep

For those who suffer from insomnia or interrupted sleep patters, yoga acts as a natural sleeping pill through the cooling down technique done at the end of every yoga session which helps your body to relax and get in the slumber mode, which why it is advisable for those who face troubles in sleeping , to practice yoga right before their bedtime.

Helps in having a better body posture

From bending over our computers at work to sitting almost half  of our lives in our car seats battling traffic everyday, our posture is definitely effected. Most of yoga position requires our backs to be straight and our necks high which improves our posture and overall body structure.

Find your focus

It can be pretty difficult to focus amidst all the loudness going around us. The very core of yoga is to get focused to gain all the benefits from the exercise, that is why yoga is a great method for all those who lack focus or can’t get the hang out of it.

Shape your body

Yoga works as great workout. With all the poses and movements you will get to do when practicing yoga, your body will start adapting to these type of movements and speed up the level of exercises gradually.

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