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We went to the Nikkei cuisine specialist, Keji, and it’s a MUST TRY

Before getting straight into food and explaining why you should try Keji – LIKE RIGHT NOW- we have to answer the obvious question, what’s Nikkei Cuisine?

Well, we will just tell you that it’s simply a marvelous crossover of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines which happened back in the days when the Japanese first began to immigrate in the late 19th century.

Also, Peru has the second largest ethnic Japanese population in South America and you know, the Japanese don’t waste time.

Enough with the history lesson already and let’s talk about food.

From the wide selection of sushi to ceviches and the fun bites appetizers and anticuchos that you can enjoy while grabbing a drink with your homies, Keji menu brought the best of both cuisines.

We began our Nikkei adventure with the ‘Glazed tiraditos’ which is more of a sashimi-ceviche hybird.

You will drool over the beautifully presented thinly sliced, lightly seared tuna drizzled with a tropical honey passion fruit sauce, the Japanese tuna tataki. Need we say more!

Since that we all love fried food, there’s a full page on the menu dedicated to fried food lovers.

Whether you’re into panko crust, a tempura batter fanboy, or adventurous enough to try the Peruvian Chicharron crust, you’ll be pleased with the final result.

Nonetheless, our favorites were the ‘Tiger shrimp chicharrones’ which was served with chili mayonnaise, and the ‘Panko fried chicken’ that was served with Tonkatsu sauce which is the Japanese version of BBQ!

If you’re not into appetizers then you should head to the main courses.

You’ll find ‘Peruvian style rotisserie chicken’, ‘Shrimp chupe’, ‘Nikkei piri piri chicken’ and 5 more dishes.

However, if you want to start with something less intimidating, then you should try the ‘Teriyaki lomo’.

A high quality beef tenderloin with a side of sauteed portobello and spinach, and drizzled with teriyaki sauce, our Teriyaki lomo was out of this world.

The one thing you CANNOT miss when you go to Keji is the sushi!

Not only they use the freshest ingredients and make a perfect sushi rice, but the Maki Nikkei rolls will also tingle your taste buds.

Hey! We’re talking about those to-die-for ‘Ceviche’ rolls that contains shrimps panko, avocado, white fish in ceviche sauce and Nigiri BBQ beef sushi. Enough said!

Keji also has a dessert section that includes ‘Fried ice cream & truffle’, ‘Tres leches’, ‘Praline passion’, and more to please your sweet tooth. What are you waiting for? Go make a reservation already!

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