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Is High-End Makeup worth Its price?! Let’s Find Out…

The question of whether high-end makeup is worth double or triple the cost of its drugstore counterpart comes down to a few different factors.

When it comes to well-known brand makeup, you usually pay extra for several reasons;

1- Brand Name

2- Fragrance

3- Better Applicators

4- Elegant Packaging

5- Increased Pigmentation

Taking into consideration that ingredients aren’t actually a factor in the increased pricing of makeup.

Despite what a lot of us think, the vast majority of designer makeup has the same ingredients as the drugstore equivalent.

While designer makeup might have features like added pigments or fancy applicators, their components are often pretty much the same.

It’s up to you to decide whether the extra cost justifies the benefits you get or not!

Of course, not everyone has the same priorities.

While your best friend may be happy to splurge on her signature designer lipstick, you might go and spend more on a great concealer.

Your makeup budget should address whatever makes you feel best.

The True Cost and Value of Makeup

A good way to decide the true value of makeup is to calculate its cost per ounce.

For example, I was planning to purchase an eyebrow pencil for 20 EGP – a good price, right!

However, when I read the packaging, I realized the product only weighed 0.003 ounce, bringing it to a cost of 7,000 EGP per ounce.

According to current prices, this would make the materials used in the eyebrow pencil about seven times more valuable than an ounce of gold.

After this small math equation, I realized that this 20 EGP pencil isn’t such a great deal after all.

The Cost Per Use

If you use a good concealer once in the morning and once again as a touch-up in the late afternoon, that’s twice a day, every day.

Assuming there are about 100 applications in each 300 EGP tube, it costs you about 3 EGP per use.

If this is a cost you can live with, you might be more likely to splurge on a pricier product.

Let’s say you get an expensive eyeliner.

You buy it for 250 EGP, but only use it four times before it ends up in the bottom of your makeup bag.

That puts the cost per wear at 62.5 EGP, which is pretty hefty.

Calculating this cost can give you a better idea of the value of a product and whether or not the added expense is worth the money.

Final Word

Take it from someone who loves buying makeup, it’s hard not to get swept up by new products, pretty packaging, and brand appeal.

However, taking a few minutes to run some calculations and estimate how much something is really worth can save you from making an expensive and unnecessary purchase.

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