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In Ramadan we’ll bravely battle our coffee addiction

As happy as we are that Ramadan is upon us; the family gatherings, friends getting together for Iftar, the streets never going to sleep after Isha prayer, series around the clock with plots that keep us on our toes, … etc. I could go on and on about how much we love the Ramadan spirit and atmosphere but there’s one thing that we struggle with every single morning, caffeine deprivation.

Like myself, I’m sure there are many of you who’s torn at the fact that there won’t be this morning cup of coffee. The mug we give the first hug in the morning, what we talk to first and what balances out our mind and wakes up our soul. But out there, there’re many who’re used to more than one single cup in their mornings and here comes the issue.

The caffeine deprivation while fasting could lead to having a really bad morning. Headaches, migraines even, no capacity to focus on complicated tasks, exhaustion, lack of energy and well to sum it all up we become incapable of dealing with the outside world – by outside we mean anything that’s beyond the area of our comfortable beds and pillows.

Worry not, there are ways to battle this and enjoy your mornings to an extent. A few changes in your routine and couple of food to add to your Iftar and Sohour and you’ll be good to go.

Coffee after Iftar

Well, that’s the most important thing. To have that cup of coffee you’ve dreaming of all day after you eat and pray. Just be careful to limit it to only one cup of maximum two because you don’t want to increase your caffeine needs again after a whole day going off cold-turkey. Slow detox; that’s what we call it.

Chocolate & Ice cream

Whether after your Iftar or with your Sohour, grab a piece or a full scope of the mostly loved sweets, because believe it or not they have a decent dosage of caffeine that would balance your deprivation.

Fruits and Vegetables

You must add a healthy dosage of them to both your meals during Ramadan. Not that they contain any dosages of caffeine; however fruits have many benefits and supply our bodies with necessary vitamins that could balance out the lack of energy, exhaustion and focus problems.

And well, eat deserts after your Iftar. Small pieces of this and that in moderation, because sugar is the way to keep you energized, balanced and standing on your feet.

Will this be a whole caffeine detox month, when we’ll finally cut down on our bad coffee habits? I doubt, but here’s to our bravery in trying.

How do you guys handle your coffee deprivation in Ramadan ?

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