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Incredibly Annoying Movie Clichés

Movies are fun and sometimes they could provide a temporary escape from reality.
But sometimes our beloved protagonists make some questionable decisions that defy all logic, making it hard to keep watching. 

Nowadays it’s rare to find a film without one or more of these clichés.

Scroll down to check some of the most annoying clichés that movie makers can’t seem to get that people are way over it by now.

-Every major event happens in America; the rest of the world doesn’t matter.
Alien invasions, natural disasters, fictional monsters, whatever it is you’re thinking it’s happening in America.

-In horror movies, it’s smarter to separate and divide into smaller groups or every person on his own.
In order to look for the killer-ghost – demon – Evil entity, you get the gist. What are even smart decisions?

-Teenage kids never seem to learn that going to a cemetery to drink and desecrate some graves never ends well.
Let’s summon some demons for fun, or my favorite let’s spend an entire night in a haunted house or an abandoned asylum because that’s not tempting fate or dangerous by any means.

-In terrifying situations when a serial killer or a ghost is chasing you, it’s recommended when you hear a noise behind you to turn as slowly as humanly possible.
It’s not like you’re in a life or death situation.

-Keeping crucial information from each other in movies seems to be occurring a lot, even when this knowledge could end up saving lives.

-There have been some weird events happening in my town or neighborhood; people keep going missing and murdered.
However, I must go check on the noise in my attic or basement all by myself.

-Stalking a girl until she agrees to go on a date is wrong and frowned upon by society.
Yet in movies, it’s considered romantic and successful results guaranteed.
Not only she’s going to agree to go on a date, but she might end up falling in love with the relentless stalker.

If you messed up your relationship with your loved one, the best way to fix it is to “wait for it.” 
Yes, crash a major event and publicly declare your feelings, let’s say a wedding. It’s cool, romantic and no one is going to mind, especially the bride and groom.
It’s not like they paid thousands of dollars to watch another couple happily ever after.

-When chased by a vehicle the best way out of this dilemma is to run in front of the said car.
No, don’t try climbing the curb, move in the opposite direction or go inside a store; just keep running in front of your chaser.

Those are some of the annoying clichés that we’re fed up with, don’t forget to comment and share this with your friends.

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