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Introverts are completely misunderstood

In psychology, introvert means a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.

In society, it’s mistakenly a shy person who doesn’t talk much and keeps to themselves. but in fact, it’s someone who prefers quiet and peaceful gathering rather than loud ones.

As we grow sometimes we notice we tend to avoid gatherings like weddings, birthday parties or any other event that leaves you emotionally drained.

I knew I became an introvert the moment when I started loathing the idea of a big gathering where it’s insanely loud.

I started preferring a quiet night in, or one on one get together drinking coffee.

Concerts and parties started feeling like nightmares, the transition was weird because when I was younger, I used to love going out constantly, the more people the merrier. There was no personal conversation just going around having fun, but recently it all started to feel like a chore getting ready for an outing and socializing.

Introversion doesn’t mean anti-social it means that introverts rather prefer the company of one or two friends than a big group.

Taking refuge in your own headphones to disconnect from outer distractions and focusing more on coming up with creative ideas, resolving issues or just enjoying the silence is one of many signs you’re an introvert.

Going to the beauty salon or any place where you have to engage in small talk makes you really nervous and start thinking to yourself is it really worth it, is also another sign.

You’ll find yourself hating some sorts of communication like phone calls, especially long ones and starting to prefer texting or emails. Before making any phone call you need to mentally prepare yourself for it.

Introverts have a very vivid imagination, they make the best writers or graphic novelists, in fact, the best careers for introverts include:

-Graphic design
Given as any other job there’s some sort of interaction between you and the client, but once that’s over, you dive into your own world and start doing your thing.

This especially requires solitude to create magical worlds ,weaving together the strands of different lives.
Transferring one’s thought into words requires lots of focus and serenity for introverts to create their own magic.

This requires fluency in another language, but just like authors, you need absolute serenity and a quiet environment so you can focus on transcribing documents from one language to another.

-Music or video editors
Having to wear headphones all time you’re working, Needing to set in a quiet environment in all privacy might seem hard for some but for introverts that’s their dream job.

-Computer programmers
Let’s be honest, you sit in front of your screen for hours already, so through in the ability of writing code and you’re good to go.

This one seems odd, but if you have a head for numbers, the knowledge of using statistical and mathematical techniques to measure the risks and uncertainty of a project and its financial consequences this job is for you. they mainly work for insurance companies and as the other jobs above, it requires absolute focus and a quiet space.

Introverts are very active and they have lots of fun on their own terms developing many hobbies that can be enjoyed alone and with others like photography, reading, meditation, and exercising.

Travelling is very appealing to introverts, but they prefer to travel in smaller groups, as the situation would be more controlled.

Being an introvert isn’t a negative thing, Others tend to push introverts out of their quiet comfort zone thinking they’re antisocial or depressed, but it’s the exact opposite, they’re warm and loving once you get to know them and they start to feel comfortable around you to show their lively side.

Reading this if you find yourself relating, embrace your introversion, find what makes you happy and at peace and stick to it, don’t let society tell you how to live your life just to fit in with others.

Grab your coffee, your favorite book and stay in tonight with the rest of us introverts.

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