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Killing Eve

When Killing Eve first arrived on BBC in 2018, it was something of a simple procedural series.

There was never any doubt that Killing Eve would be returning for season three. The spy thriller performed incredibly well both here in the UK and across the pond, and ratings, as we all know, are king. Or indeed queen.

And, lest we forget, there was THAT whopping cliffhanger at the end of season two, which had fans of the show crying out for answers.

The third season has a brand-new showrunner, officially solidifying the tradition of a new head writer for every season.

“I’m very excited that the Killing Eve baton is being passed onto another incredible writer for season three,” said executive producer Phoebe Waller-Bridge. “We can sleep soundly knowing these characters are safe in Suzanne Heathcote’s hilariously murderous hands.”

Whatever the language, the season is full of little gif-able moments that elevate Killing Eve from espionage thriller to serious guilty pleasure with its impeccable sense of fashion and art design. Carolyn imparts valuable lessons like “Divorces are easy. It’s marriages that are impossibly hard,” or “Life is just a series of tradeoffs.” Villanelle describes a stuffed animal store full of children as “psychopathic.” Konstantin admits to his daughter that his job consists of doing terrible things. And Eve can’t avoid rolling her eyes while sitting next to someone on the bus who’s reading a book entitled Vixen’s Bite: Norway’s Favorite Murderess.

The show is once again gorgeous to look at — Villanelle wears three-piece suits and Carolyn has moved to a new home even more aesthetically pleasing than the last one — but Killing Eve still deals with very dark subjects. Villanelle has gone from playful assassin to broken-hearted and completely unhinged serial killer, while Eve is scarred physically and mentally from last season’s turmoil.

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