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Kingdoms of Fire Series Sparking a Public Controversy

A 14-episodes series sparking a great state of controversy through social media channels.

Khaled Elnabawy new series, Kingdoms of Fire tackles and documents the last era of Mamluks state and its fall at the hands of the Ottomans in the early 16th century.

"يا أهل مصر، مقاومتكم إنتصار" السلطان #طومان_باي مسلسل #ممالك_النار ابتدأ من 17 نوفمبر علي شبكة قنوات #mbc..#خالد_النبويKingdoms Of Fire – ممالك النارGenomediaMBC مصرMBC1MBC GroupMBC MASR 2

Posted by ‎خالد النبوى Khaled Elnabawy‎ on Friday, November 8, 2019

The series denounces the auras of the Ottoman Empire showing the Ottoman Sultan Selim I (Mahmoud Nsr) thirst for blood and how cruelly he ended the Mamluks state, while Tuman Bay (Khaled Elnabawy) stood fighting valiantly for the sake of dignity and gave his life for the people.

Despite his braveness, betrayal killed Tuman Bay the last Mamluk Sultan, the scene of his death and hanging his head on Bab Zuweila was so emotional, people sat it on trend for a while.

The series embodies the conflict between Tuman bay and the oppression of the Ottomans in an exciting sequence.

الاعلان الرابع .. #ممالكـالنار

" لا أمان في قهر الناس "السلطان #طومان_بايمسلسل #ممالك_النار ابتدأ من 17 نوفمبر علي شبكة قنوات #mbc..#خالد_النبويGenomediaKingdoms Of Fire – ممالك النارMBC GroupMBC مصرMBC1MBC MASR 2

Posted by ‎خالد النبوى Khaled Elnabawy‎ on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Though that Kingdoms of fire was displayed in a low season, but it got a huge engagement from the audience, people seem to really love (the conflict of thrones) there’s even a tweet saying that “The ending of kingdoms of fire was better than the ending of game of thrones”.

Paying attention to details like the outstanding soundtracks, the fashion, the accessories and the perfect accent, was a big reason for the resounding success the series has reached. 

A punch of different nationalities are participating in Kingdoms of fire, there are Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian, Tunisian and Lebanese actors. That made the series go viral in a lot of Arab countries.

The series was written by the Egyptian author Muhammad Suleiman Abdul-Malik, directed by the British Peter Webber and produced by the Emirati Geno media company.

Regarding the possibility of making a season 2 of the series, Abdul-Malik announced that depending on the feedback of the first season they will make the decision.

Fortunately, feedback is great! We’re really hoping for a second season of this masterpiece.

مسلسل #ممالك_النار

إبتداءً من 17 نوفمبر على شبكة قنوات #mbc..#خالد_النبوي #طومان_باي #ممالك_النار

Posted by ‎خالد النبوى Khaled Elnabawy‎ on Saturday, November 2, 2019

Eventually, whether you’re a supporter or an opponent of the series, you can’t deny the fact that this drama show raised awareness about a great era of our history we didn’t really pay attention to. So, if you don’t believe all the facts that have been documented in the series, you can look it up. This is one of the bright sides of drama, it makes us know more about history and expands our knowledge.

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