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10 things to do while stuck in Cairo’s lovely traffic

With millions commuting everyday in Egypt’s populous capital, we only find ourselves stuck on daily basis in traffic.

I for one spend at least one and a half hour commuting daily just from home to work and vice versa, not to mention the countless times I had to stop the car completely due to an accident or other special occasions.

In 2014 the World Bank released a report that Egypt pays a hefty sum of 47 Billion EGP per year due to traffic congestion which accounts for cost of time wasted, delay costs and of course health problems.

Considering these facts, and the amount of time I spend driving on a daily basis I came up with the following activities that I partake to engage myself in this absolute madness:

1. Learn a new Language

You would think I am exaggerating, but if you make simple calculations of the number of hours wasted just driving and use this time to listen to an educational language learning audios.

Or even you can recall this lost fragments of a language you studied in school.

2. Make important phone calls

Like “I am sorry x but I am stuck in traffic would you move my 10am meeting to 1030 and so on” Or even “Hi mum, long time no see, what are you having for dinner”.

No, seriously, phone calls can be the only way we communicate with family and close friends for at least in weekdays.

We are social by definition, burying ourselves in work is stressful.

Communicating with our closed ones is a stress relief and a good way to start the day and make use of these lost hours (and btw these phone calls will make time fly so fast you will wonder how fast you arrived to your destination)

3. Exercise patience

Sometimes I think that being stuck in traffic is a patience test, um I think, I think I passed each and every test, NOT.

Yet, we have to exercise patience, take a deep breath and not to curse this F@%^*#* who are trying to sandwich you.

4. Listen to music

I usually listen to the radio in the early morning, nice programs, you can participate too.

Otherwise I have this dancing music playlist, if the car is not moving, I will, heck I will be dancing like a manic in the car.

5. Organize your day

Like okay I have to do this and that, send these emails, oh wait I have to prepare for this out of the blue meeting.

Or the wifey wants some groceries I have to buy on my way back home.

6. Exercise patience

Because D’oh!

7. Scream and shout and let it all out

I am almost sure that was from a Britney Spears song!

Anyways, what I wanna say given the closed windows, you can actually scream and shout to let all of this negative energy consuming degrading traffic out of your system.

Seriously try it now!!!

8. Make acquaintances with fellow commuters

In case of a complete blockage, pull down, turn off the engine, get out of the car and start talking to fellow commuters about nothing and everything.

As mentioned before, we are social by definition, and this is a perfect time and place to have a conversation with strangers.

9. Social media and news

You can get your daily dose of news and scrolling of your social media apps in these lost hours of the infamous traffic.

10. Read a book or even listen to one

I always have a book with me wherever I go.

Recently I have a copy of “The book of Questions” by Gregory Stock, questions that invite you to explore your thoughts, yourself, ideas, relationship goals, personal growth.

I find this book intriguing and perfect for commuting as it takes your mind of the traffic.

Also, you can purchase an audio book and listen to it.

Remember this book you have always wanted to read but you did not have the time? Voila, problem solved!

Last but not least, Happy Commuting everybody!

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