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Let’s learn a new skill this summer with أزرق و بني

When the summer vacation bells ring, plans are set and written in to-do lists. Every vacation, I bet you all make plans and don’t actually fulfill them; I do understand that sitting on the couch and binging your favorite TV show is absolutely tempting and one of the most enjoyable activities out there. The easiest as well, I might add.

But, this summer it’s time to get off the couch and do something about all the things you planned, all the outings you want to go out to, all the activities and all the new things you want to learn.

This time we’ve got you covered; we’ve got the perfect place for you to be a part of a wonderful community and learn loads of new skills.

This summer, it’s workshops time!

أزرق و بني is an art gallery, located in a small street in Dokki. Everything about the place is warm, cozy and friendly. The interior makes you feel at home the minute you set foot inside and being surrounded by all the art, hand-made products, colors, creations and beauty, makes you feel understood and you go on wanting to be a part of this place.

Being an artistic place, they put together workshops, music classes as well as screenings and bazaars. Their products are definitely unique; from all things sunflower-ish, to the most unique handmade leather bag, to notebooks that makes you want to write, one of a kind necklaces, unique keychains and different posters and wall hangers.

As for their workshops, well they need to your thing this summer because I bet you anything that you’d want to enroll in all of them.

Let’s learn a new skill this summer with أزرق و بني
Let’s learn a new skill this summer with أزرق و بني

Embroidery for beginners

Being a unique and intricate kind of art, embroidery is definitely enjoyable and colorful. The workshop puts you on the right path towards discovering that skill deep within you and the outcome will be sure worth it.

Leather painting

Well this could be tricky business. Painting is a relieving and relaxing process and to learn to do that on leather, well it’s definitely something new.

Resin & Enamel

In this workshop you learn how to get the perfect outcome by how you can prepare the brass, mixing resins from scratch, all the safety tips you need when working enamel and all the tricks to mix the color powders.

Leather Notebook

This will be met with cheer excitement from all the writers, the artists and anyone who’s got deep, deep love and obsession with notebooks; you can now make yours in leather.

Pricing and Selling

This workshop is targeting all the handmade business owners, putting them on track to how they can better build their work, display their products, fix a good price and stay on it, insure future sales and how to handle different types of customers.

Leather Products

A 3 weeks workshop, taking you in an adventure to learn how to handle leather and how to bring out the most unique products from it. You learn tricks and techniques to work leather, how to draw your design and plan it and learn all the different methods to put your final product together.

Let’s learn a new skill this summer with أزرق و بني
Let’s learn a new skill this summer with أزرق و بني


If your eyes doesn’t sparkle at this, well I don’t know how they can’t. In this workshop you start from the bottom by learning all the basic techniques, methods, tools and materials you involve when creating a mosaic piece of art. You start from scratch and you end up taking a beautiful artwork home.

Interested yet!?

Let’s learn a new skill this summer with أزرق و بني
Let’s learn a new skill this summer with أزرق و بني

Because I sure am so interested in this mix of talents and skills and to have them is definitely a huge plus. Check out أزرق و بني official Facebook page for all the more info you need to be a part of this amazing place.

أزرق و بني is a Handicraft project started online since 2012, Working on designs and produces handicraft paper work and clay necklaces. In October 2015 we had our own place in Dokki, and we started supporting all handicraft artists in Egypt, and this opened a lot of opportunities for a lot of Egyptian artists to present their art and to be known. Every 3 months we announce an open call Bazaar for all the handicraft artists to participate with no fees.

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