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Let’s rock down the rally race; meet the teams

Kicking off on the 10th of May, and going on till the last light of Saturday 12th, El-Gouna Rally this year is the real deal. Whether you’ll be standing on the sidelines, cheering those racing, or even you’ll be following up the excitement on social media from the comfortable seating of your couch; you should know all about the awesome teams rocking down the race.

Amino Brothers Racing


Formed back in 2012, with Omar Amin as pilot and Hesham Amin as the co-pilot; the amino brothers burning down the race with the excitement and the support of their team. Back in 2017, the Amino Brothers won 3rd place in Egypt Rally’s Cup. A deserved win after the amount of effort put all year long and we’re definitely excited to see what they’ll add to the El-Gouna Rally.


Gazelle Rally team

With Yara Shalaby, the pilot behind the wheels and Nouran Yehia the co-pilot, the Gazelle Rally team are sure to be something awesome. It’s about one of the very first female leading rally teams in Egypt. GO LADIES!

“GIRLS compete with each other…. WOMEN empower one another….”


Checkpoint racing team

If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.”; well they got that right and now we’re all super pumped to see the fire they’ll light up in the race. Lead by Nadim Fiani – pilot – and Ragy AbdelSalam – co-pilot – the Checkpoint team will rock just like they did back in the Sahl-Hashesh race, finishing 4th with zero penalty.


Rahhala Racing

The very first professional motorsports group in Egypt. With Hani Omar as pilot and Hany Madbouly the co-pilot along with the rest of the 24 team members, endlessly dedicated and a true example of a successful team, they put down their feet and proved their status as one of the top Arab teams in the Cross Country rally world, ranking 9th back in 2010 for best team in the world on the International Automobile Motorsports Federation. As well as winning four consecutive times the El-Gouna Rally race, true challenge is going to be on the floor.


HammerHead Racing

Founded back in 2013 by Sherif AbdelAzim – the pilot – and Ahmed ElMehi – the co-pilot – both as professional and as passionate as it could get. The whole team is a mix of excitement and experience and together they built a very interesting racing car to be introduced in El-Gouna Rally this round – very much excited to see that!! After winning 2nd place back in the 2015 championship, HammerHead team aims for higher this year with as much thrill and excitement as always.

Fox Tribe Rally Raid Team

Being one of the oldest teams, with eyes always on the finish line; they never falter from a challenge.

“Although Fox tribe is a professional well established team, it is based 100% on volunteers who are passionate about the sport, the good spirit and the superiority as we are all ONE team”


Jibal Rally team


A team made up of a group of extremely passionate desert enthusiast. They were brought together due to their passion and love for rally sports over the years. A whole team of dedicated passionate sports enthusiast; the Jibal team is ready to face the challenge.

Sahara Racing team

The team came together back in 2015, and right after it was founded they won the Egypt’s cross country rally championship and in 2016’s category for T2. Also, in 2017, the team landed on the first position in El-Gouna Rally and they will not back down from the challenge this year.


Cross Country

A team of enthusiasts, professionals and ones who’s head-strong on bringing excitement to the race. Nader El-Khayyat is the pilot of the team and Omar Essam is the co-pilot, both supported by team working towards one goal; reaching the end line first.

Racing Traxx

A team who burns with the passion for rally, one who’s bound to add tons of thrill to the race. With Khaled Sobhi and Sherif El Alem – pilot and co-pilot – and a whole team of passion behind them, the road to winning will be as clear as ever.

Caracal Team

Ramy Abbas, Rania El Sayad, Ahmed Fahim and Ahmed Fouad; the team came 2nd in the Al Remal challenge in 2016 and this year they’re dedicated to race their way towards the finish line.


11 teams and the rally race will be set on fire and the challenge will be roaring for three exciting days. You do not want to miss out on that!

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