MazzikaxElSat7: Do3souqa

MazzikaxElSat7: “Do3souqa” Concert at Darb 1718
Friday 05 October 2018

“Mazzika xElSat7” Monthly Music Program
Mazzika x El Sat7, monthly musical nights held on our Roof. Our special musical nights will present a unique experience embodied in the type of music performed, the ambiance and the limited number of seats.

About “Do3souqa”

Do’souqa was founded in 2015 by Luka (Vocals) Amr Ismail (Bassist) at Mansoura. When the band decided to move to Cairo Khaled El-Demerdash (Drums) joined followed by our latest member Michael Yehia/Dongol (Lead guitar) the band has different musical background and loads of musical influences major ones are Indie/ Folk music .

What the band is trying to achieve now is to record the first debut album and to collaborate with other artist in terms of visuals, music videos or any kind of art that will compliment the music. Leading to the bigger goal which is touring Egypt then conquer the world !

Band Members:
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals (Luka)
Electric Guitar ( Michael Yehia)
Electric Bass Guitar (Amr Ismael)
Drums and Percussion (Khaled Al Demerdash)
Buzuk & Persian Setar (Amr Ismael)

Concert Details
Date: Friday 05 October 2018
Time: 8:00 PM
Tickets: 75 EGP
Tickets are available through “TicketsMarche”: https://www.ticketsmarche.com/tickets/tickets-do3souqa.html

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