MazzikaxElSat7: Omar & The Eastern Power

Darb 1718

MazzikaxElSat7: “Omar & The Eastern Power” Concert at Darb 1718
Friday 09 November 2018

“Mazzika xElSat7” Monthly Music Program
Mazzika x El Sat7, monthly musical nights held on our Roof. Our special musical nights will present a unique experience embodied in the type of music performed, the ambiance and the limited number of seats.

About “Omar & The Eastern Power ”
Omar & The Eastern Power are a live music band based in Korea inspired by world music, especially music of the Sahel, North African grooves and other influences like Dub and Afro-Beat. The band members come from Morocco, Egypt and Korea.

The Band will be playing songs from their latest Album “Walking Miles”, The Album was released in June 2016. the songs reflects the journey that the members have went through living in different countries and getting exposed to different culture so it will include different styles of music and also different mode from dynamic Afro Beats to blues and Reggae.

Band Members:

Omar Benassila: Omar is a singer and musician who plays various instruments like Guitar, percussion, juice harp, didgeridoo and others, he settled in Korea ten years ago and formed his first world music band there called SuriSuri maha suri and then Majdub project and now Omar & the Eastern power, he also collaborated with many epic Korean Artists like Lee sang yul and No yong shim and others

Wael Zaky: Wael is an Egyptian percussionist and Drummer who played music since he was a kid learning from his Father drums and also from other well known Egyptian musicians like Ahmed Rabie, Ramy Samir and Abdullah Ibrahim, he played in different bands in Egypt before moving to Korea in 2010 where he focused on developing his drumming skills exploring African , Brazilian, Afro Cuban percussion and playing with different bands and musicians from different parts of the world like Legendary Valtinho Anastacio from Brazil, Amido Balani from Burkina Faso, Elsa Kobhf from France and many other Korean Artists, wael formed the band Omar & The Eastern power in 2016 and has been playing with them since then.

Tehiun: Tehiun is one of the very respected indie artists in Korea he is a Bass , lead guitar player and also a singer played and formed different bands in both England and South Korea, from Rock music to Reggae and dub Tehiun is considered to be one of the respected icons in the indie Music scene in Korea.

Oh Jinhoo: one of the most talented Musicians in Korea Jinhoo is a music producer and guitarist, he’s famous for being part of the famous Korean Band Windy City before he breaks up with them and producing two guitar solo Albums where he mixed several styles of music in them then he met with Omar and Wael in Jeju Island and joined Omar & the Eastern power in late 2016.

Concert Details
Date: Friday 09 November 2018
Time: 8:00 PM
Tickets: 75 EGP
Tickets are available through “TicketsMarche”:

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