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Misr Italia Rally 2018 – Super Special Stage

Egypt Rally

Start your engines, Egypt Rally &The 4×4 Challenge is finally here in Cairo for the first time.
Misr Italia Properties will host the rally at Il Bosco, new capital.

  • Place: Il Bosco, New Capital, Cairo.
  • Date: Friday, November 16, 2018, at 10 AM till 5 PM.

The event is organized by Bosla Pure Racing Company, Bosla works with a team of over 150 experienced individuals covering all fields like medical, time recovery, rescue, media, Marshalls, and logistics as well as ensuring that the rally is always adhering with the FIA guidelines for Safety and its regulations.
They also use high standards of track safety.

Misr Italia Rally 2018 - Super Special Stage
Misr Italia Rally 2018 – Super Special Stage

It’s sponsored by Misr Italia Properties, Indigo Media, as well as Sada El Balad, Automobile & Touring Club Of Egypt, Doos Banzeen and of course CairoNightlife.

The event is fully covered by Sada El Balad and CairoNightlife so keep an eye on our social media platforms to not miss a beat.

To receive an invitation and not missing out on this exciting event, make sure to register on
Click Here

4×4 Challenge Participants:
Don’t hesitate to register on Click Here to enter the challenge.

The first Rally was launched in 2011 and since then, the Rally became one of the most anticipated events with increasing numbers of spectators and racers each year.

A day filled with racing, adrenaline, and competition makes for an amazing event not to be missed so RSVP here to the event of the year.

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