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Most Stylish TV Characters of All Time

Keeping up with all the fashion trends isn’t an easy task, especially when some of these trends can be entirely absurd and over the top at times.
We keep looking around us for inspiration, whether it’s from a fashion blogger or a style icon we admire.

But we can easily find inspiration from TV shows & series since we spend most of our time watching them already.

There are many reasons to watch TV, whether it for the engaging plots, intense drama or the delightful comedy. But one other important reason is to get inspired when it comes to fashion.

The great thing about TV fashion is the demonstration of different styles and looks displayed on our favorite characters, which are suitable for many occasions & events.
It can also help us experiment with our style a lot until we land on what works for us.

Check who made our list of the most stylish TV characters

Pretty Little Liars – Aria Montgomery

Basically, every character on this show is remarkably chic, but Aria’s style is sophisticated and feminine yet edgy at the same time.
All the looks are completed with gorgeous accessories and elegant handbags.

New Girl – Jessica Day

Stylists of this show are brilliant because they managed to Provide Jess Day with a corky and adorable wardrobe to match her personality.
Jess represents the nerdy yet cute style with stripes, Florals, and polka dots, basically all the patterns.

Glee – Emma Pillsbury

I always think of springtime every time she pops on screen, colorful and bright outfits that completely match her cheerful character on the show.
The character’s wardrobe essentially is floral dresses and colorful cardigans that are perfect for this time of the year.

Revenge – Emily Thorne

Dressed to kill, the character style is always on point whether it’s fancy gowns, cute dresses or casual get-ups.

Friends – Rachel Green

Her outfits are timeless and still relevant till this day; evident by the number of celebrities and fashion bloggers wearing Rachel inspired outfits.

Gossip Girl – Blair Waldorf

Of course, we’re going to mention Gossip Girl when we’re talking about fashion. The entire show consists of remarkable outfits and designer clothes that can make every girl green with envy.
But Blair Waldorf style is always, always a picture of sophistication and elegance. If only we can have her budget and access to designer clothes, but one can only dream.

Elementary – Joan Watson

Dr. Joan Watson is all about smart layering, monochromic tones, and feminine cuts.
There are plenty of websites dedicated just to her appearances throughout the show because her clothes can inspire so many looks for different occasions.
For instance, her pants suits can be your inspiration for chic office outfits and her dresses/cardigans blends can be perfect for a brunch or coffee dates.

Tell us which TV fashion icon should be on this list and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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