Nesma Herky at Grand Nile Art Center

Grand Nile Tower

A very authentic voice and artist Nesma Herky :: نسمة هركي
Ray’s is honored to collaborate with Grand Nile Arts Center and Nesma to celebrate with all her fans another inspiring musical experience at the beautiful Terrance of the Grand Nile Tower Hotel

Nesma Herky … Egyptian singer and composer with Nubian roots, was born in Cairo in 1984, graduated from Fine arts majored oil painting.
She started singing in school before having the world of music open up to her, which is when she joined several musical projects such as “El Tamey Musical Theater” & “The Choir Project” during her years of college.

Nesma is presenting songs and sounds of a different things…you can hear her voice in the oriental melodies (influenced by Egyptien artists of the 20 century until now) and implemented by the sharp strong Jazzy character (Influenced by the jazz and blues music) in the musical notes and melodies blends Nubian and Sudanese rhythm in some tunes (Influenced by her roots)

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