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Netflix Documentaries You Need to Watch in 2020

Watching documentaries that have been lately produced might just be what you need to keep yourself informed in 2020. Luckily for us, Netflix has not been depriving us of that. Home to some of the coolest shows and docu-series, the platform has plenty to offer to its viewers. Here is our guide to some of their best documentaries.

Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb 

Netflix’s latest hit documentary has got us all in awe over the discovery of 2,500-year-old coffins! The show features a team of Egyptian archaeologists who excavate secrets from the tomb that have never been explored. A glimpse of Egypt’s ancient life is felt in film and the haunting secrets engage all viewers around the world in appealing human interest.

The Social Dilemma

This documentary became a hit the minute it came out. The Social Dilemma focuses on how big tech companies manipulate their users into addiction by using algorithms that keep them coming back for more. It also exploits social networks for using personal data to target their ads. The show reveals how these targets have become super unregulated, beyond the control of its owners and founders. It’s a great way to keep yourself aware of your actions on social media and to understand how you’re being targeted for ads.

American Murder: The Family Next Door 

Everyone likes a good crime story – and true stories happen to be the most intriguing. This long yet thrilling documentary tells the real-life story of the deaths of Shannan Watt and her two daughters. The show starts off with a heartbreaking mood that unravels their devastating story. What makes this documentary so exceptional is that most of it is told through Shannan’s social media videos.

Tell Me Who I Am 

This touching documentary tells the story of Alex Lewis who loses his memory at the age of 18. Alex’s brother is the one whom he relies on to identify himself with the world and to piece back the missing pieces of his memories. The brother, Marcus, chooses not to tell Alex of their childhood traumas to give Alex happier, rosier memories. Later in life, they’re both faced with the truth. The heartbreaking film is deeply centered around the dilemmas most humans face.

Coronavirus, Explained 

If you’re looking into getting more insights and explanations on Coronavirus, then this documentary is for you. The Netflix film examines the nature of this pandemic, ways to combat it, and how scientists have predicted it years ago. It features known figures such as Bill Gates, who has worked closely with infectious disease researchers.

Abstract: The Art of Design 

Architecture and design gurus will love this one! However, the show is not just for them; we can all enjoy a little bit of pleasing aesthetics. The film features some of the best artists and designers who work in varying industries from architecture to footwear designing. It’s a great window to some of the most creative minds.


Our world is filled with so much knowledge and information. Fortunately enough, we have a platform that helps us access just that. Netflix isn’t all about drama and action, so keep yourself informed with its buzzing docu-series.

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