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Nola Is on A Roll This Ramadan!

Nola Is on A Roll This Ramadan!The Ramadan dessert craze is officially here and Nola is in full swing! Aside from all the social gatherings, the best thing about Ramadan is the arrival of the most delicious and creative desserts! From simple Ramadan classics to over-the-top lotus and marshmallow confections, here are our top picks from Nola that you can try!

  1. Konafa Cadbury Volcano

Volcano cakes are a staple at Nola, so it comes as no surprise that their Konafa Cadbury Volcano is such a hit a second round in Ramadan! If you know someone who’s a chocoholic (and who isn’t?!), consider a stop here! Best part? It’s microwavable!

2- Konafa Lotus Cake

It’s pretty clear that the lotus obsession is here to stay and honestly we see no reason why it shouldn’t especially when it comes to Nola’s Konafa Lotus Cake! Nola debuted its famous Konafa last year and everyone went insane over it and we can see why! Just look at it!

3- Konafa Salted Caramel Popcorn

Drizzled and stuffed with salted caramel and topped with popcorn, this Nola invention is definitely a top contender within the field! This is a konafa we never knew we needed!

4- Konafa Cadbury Marshmallow

For some reason, marshmallow anything really calls for serious decadence, and this Cadbury Marshmallow Konafa, topped with toasted marshmallow on a bed of chocolate, is no exception! With frosting this good, this would be the first time we might not even care about the konafa!

5- Atayef Asafeer Cadbury

If you’re ever sick of konafa and traditional atayef (doubtful, right?) and need some change, Nola has got you covered with their stuffed Atayef Asafeer Cadbury! Totally worth it!

6- Konafa Nutella Asawer

Nola’s Nutella Asawer Konafa are one of those desserts that you can chug the entire box in one seating without even noticing the crime you have committed. But let us tell you one thing about these tiny glorious discs of chocolate covered perfection, they’re definitely worth all the calories! #NotGuilty

7- Baklawa Nutella Asawer

These bite-sized Baklawa Nutella Asawer are what dreams are made of! These small sweet treats from Nola are delicious and addictive and the best part is that they require no utensils and hence, no mess! If you’re looking for a bite-sized treat that will leave you wanting to eat the whole box, look no further!

8- Konafa Nabulsia

While we know that Konada Nabulsi isn’t for everyone, we couldn’t not include it in this list! Unlike the rest of the items, this konafa has no over-the-top decorations or crazy flavor combinations, but it is nothing short of excellence! Definitely worth a try! 

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