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CrossFit in Cairo: Everything you need to know about this latest fitness craze

CrossFit has taken Egypt by storm and even though it is still considered a young practice in Egypt, its popularity among young athletes does not go unnoticed.

CrossFit–for those of you who haven’t yet joined the fitness craze –is a group of varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

We sat down with Seif El Nokaly, one of the main CrossFit Stars’ coaches to chat about the benefits of the practice and what makes it special.

Stamina, strength, agility, speed, endurance and flexibility; these are the elements that the CrossFit practice mainly tackles.

“CrossFit seeks to achieve progress and introduce our bodies to different sets of workouts for optimum results,” El Nokaly said, adding that unlike the gym, CrossFit is mainly for people who want to get fitter not bigger.

Many people want to get fitter but shy away from fitness practices like Crossfit, in fear of further weight gain through building muscles.

Building muscles, as El Nokaly clarified, is a process in which the athletes work out with the maximum load.

15876502_1159027990859369_1741047761748361216_n(1)“Those who are afraid of building muscles – especially women – work out under supervision and with specific weights so as not to get muscly,” he said.

With many CrossFit entities now established in Cairo, it was important to ask what makes CrossFit Stars popular among athletes.

“Our box is our trademark. We offer a wide array of highly capable and technical workouts that athletes won’t find elsewhere such as weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance and kettle bell. Even newbies can join CrossFitbox,” El Nokaly said.

CrossFit Stars is the only CrossFit entity in Egypt with certified coaches in gymnastics and weightlifting.

With the help of Ramy Saleh, the Head Coach of CrossFit Stars and the godfather of CrossFit in Egypt, Stars coaches are now amongst the best in the sport.

“Our weightlifting class is done by a weightlifting champion,” added El Nokaly.

It was important to ask how fitness workouts can be maneuvered during the holy month.

According to El Nokaly, working out right before Iftar is the best timing as it will tap into energy sources we usually never tap into in normal days, which is why people should treat Ramadan like any other month.

“During fasting hours, we consume energy from the food we ate the day before and gradually, as hours pass by, we start to feel drained. By the time of the workout, our bodies start consuming energy from stored fats to keep us fueled during pre-iftar workouts,” El Nokaly said.

Some people workout during the holy month and still gain weight. A common problem amongst many athletes that stems from their poor eating habits.

“If people managed to eat healthy during Ramadan and not above normal, they won’t gain weight even if they eat Suhoor right before going to bed,” El Nokaly explained, adding that under-eating is just as bad as over-eating.

If you are interested in CrossFit and want to join the practice or learn more about it, check out CrossFit Stars on Instagram and Facebook.

* Photos credit to Stars Sports Health & Fitness

* Article Editing credit to Nadine El Shiaty

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