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Oscars 2020: 7 Movies shortlisted to represent Egypt at 92nd Academy Awards

The Egyptian cinema syndicate announced the shortlist of Egyptian movies set to represent Egypt at 92nd Academy Awards on February 9, 2020.
The shortlisted movies will be competing in the “Best Foreign Film” category.

The films were picked by the syndicate chairman Mossad Fouda, who headed the selection process.

Take a look at the shortlisted movies chosen for the next Oscars:

Ward Masmoum – Poisonous Roses


The movies revolve around Taheia, who lives in poverty, working as a cleaning lady.
She devoted her entire life for her brother Sakr, who decides to migrate to Italy, leaving her all lost and confused.

El Feel Al Azrak 2 – Blue Elephant 2


Featuring some of the biggest stars in the Arab world like Karim Abd El Aziz, Hend Sabry, Eyad Nassar, and Nelly Karim.
The movie is among the list of films representing Egypt in the Oscars competition.

Lail Kharegy – Exterior Night 


The movie is about three individuals that meet in strange circumstances, having their lives intertwined together through an unexpected venture.

El Kenz 2 – The Treasure 2


The movies traverse over three different eras, just like the first part.
This one also stars Mohammed SaadRubyHend SabryMohammed Ramadan, and Amina Khalil.

Eyar Nary – Gunshot


The movie stars Ahmed El Fishawi, Ruby, Mohammed Mamdouh, and Aarfa Abd El Rasoul.
It follows a mysterious murder that connects the destinies of the protagonists forever changing their lives.

El Mammar – The Passage


The movies depict the events of the war between Egypt and Israel in the year 1967.
Starring Ahmed Ezz, Mohamed Farrag, and Eyad Nassar.

El Helm El Be’eid – Dream Away


A documentary taking place in Sharm El Sheikh City, addressing the differences between western and eastern culture and traditions.
All while also trying to make a living in the tourism industry and the impacts of past events thereon.

The selection committee has a tough decision to make later this month, as only five movies will be submitted to represent Egypt at the 2020 Academy Awards.

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