Oscars 2021 to Include Streaming Films Due to Pandemic

The 2021 Oscars will be more inclusive with the kind of movies being eligible for awards.

The ceremony, which is still scheduled to take place on February 28, 2021, will feature films that did not pass the previous requirement of screening for at least one week in a Los Angeles-area theater, THR reported on Tuesday (April 28).

The new push for eligibility comes as most movie theaters in the country remain shut down indefinitely amid the global health crisis.

“Instead, films that were scheduled for theatrical release, that meet the other eligibility requirements and that are made available for Academy members to view on the organization’s members-only streaming service, Academy Screening Room, within 60 days of being made available on a publicly available streamer or VOD service will be in the running,” the report reads.

The awards rules committee dertermined that “it is not fair to punish companies and filmmakers who felt or feel the need, for reasons financial or otherwise, to get their work out to the world prior to the resumption of traditional moviegoing.”

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