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Plagiarism or coincidence: Weld El Ghalaba under attack

Right now, the movie scene is all about remakes, and it’s okay to draw inspiration from other material to create your own vision.

But this is not the case for Ahmed El Sakka’s (Weld El Ghalaba) as many fans pointed out the numerous similarities between the latter and the American series Breaking Bad.
While the plots aren’t precisely identical, we honestly can’t deny the fact that the show is heavily influenced by its American equivalent.

Let’s review some of the similarities between the two shows:

– Walter White and Eissa El Ghanem both started innocently as high school teachers before they plunge into drug dealing and crime life.

– They both end up committing multiple murders, despite their kind nature and pacifism at the start.

– When the two protagonists get injured, it was on the same spot. Coincidence, Highly unlikely.

– Same dialogue, the “I am the cook” line.

– Similar characters, the lawyer Saul Goodman is Gamal Leba in the Egyptian story.

– Parallel camera angles and character development.

Facebook/ Rifqi Assaf

Fans took to social media platforms to express their disappointment.

In a now deleted post, the series writer Ayman Salama took to Facebook to clarify that he watched Breaking Bad and feels like it’s inspired by El Keif movie and doesn’t think like the two shows in any way similar.


Do you agree with the fuss made around Weld El Ghalaba or do you think it’s just an accident that the show resembled Breaking Bad this much?

Tell us your thoughts on the whole situation in the comments section and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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