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Put on your flip-flops, we’re heading to North Beach marassi

After years of marveling at the Caribbean beaches, we’ve got our own today; and it’s even more beautiful and serene. Marassi north coast raised the bar to what going to the beach is all about and it’s time to have a whole new experience in their north beach.

Put on your flip-flops, we’re heading to North Beach Marassi
Put on your flip-flops, we’re heading to North Beach Marassi

The beach is many’s happy place; toes in the sand, sunlight on your skin, fresh sea breeze in your hair and peace in your heart, on the shores of Sidi Abdulrahman, you’ll step into a new place right out of heaven. North beach is inspired by those long dreamy beaches in the Caribbean; white beaches, soothing water, the perfect setup and your memories will forever be filled with unforgettable nights.

And to make your experience even more surreal, we bring you the best of the best to offer you all you need; food, drinks and great time.


First stop is amici. Yes! It’s back and kicking by the shores of the Mediterranean. The North Beach at Marassi is going to be officially and splendidly amici-fied. The place where the energy beats, the fun speaks for itself, the menu is bursting with great options and cocktails to your heart’s desires, from the famous Cartus Jack to the special signature infusion,  Amaretto Sour and more.


Second stop is Ocea, the place where the food talks and sizzles in your plates. Ocea is famous by their exquisite seafood menu but this year they bring you many, many more options by the beach; grilled meat, chicken and all what your heart wants; a stop to have the best lunch when you have your toes deep in the sand alongside your favorite cocktail cup.




Third and final stop – best for last – is Tan Line beach lounge; a strong statement to the Mexican experience you’re about to embark upon on the North Beach. A place brought to you right out of the Caribbean and one where you’ll indulge in the amazing food, serene atmosphere and good company.


With the first steps you take after the doorways, you’ll be officially in heaven on the beach as North Beach Club is definitely the go-to-destination this Summer!

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