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12 Kinds of people you see on social media

1) The Drama queen:

The one who’s always getting deceived by people around him/her and around neighbours and around the universe. The one who shares only depression photos, quotes and listens to songs for Tamer Ashour.

“Leh ya donia khalteeni agoo3 wana lesa mtghaddy!! :’(”

Social Media Drama Queen
Social Media Drama Queen

2) The “Hey, can you do this?”

He keeps on posting selfies at the gym every 10 minutes with different positions. #3ashyawa7sh #fitness #noexcuses

Gym Fanatic
Gym Fanatic

3) The deep:

The one who always writes complicated words –most probably steals them-  pretending to be deep and dark. The one whose own pictures are overwhelmed with inspirational quotes about life that has nothing to do with the picture. He/she always takes photos for their meaningless stuff with high edit, and always drinking coffee.

4) The food lover:

The one who always whines about their weight, but still loves food and posting ten pictures in a minute for their favourite food and desserts. Watch this one on the Valentine’s day he MUST write the famous quote of “who needs a boyfriend when there’s pizza?”
the food lover5) The pet lover:

The one who prefers animals to humans, he/she loves their own pet more than they love their families and friends. Always against animal abuse and fighting for their rights, and most probably a vegetarian.

the pet lover6) The spammer:

The one who thinks Facebook is their own diary, sharing every single detail on their day starting from their breakfast and what they’re wearing to work, their feelings, their emotions and their newly bought everything.

the spammer
7) The believer:

The one who believes anything and everything on Facebook without thinking, he shares rumors and troll games and comments with number one to see what happens to the picture.

the believer
8) Your uncle:

Why doesn’t Facebook have an age restricted button for the “not older than 40 years”?
Your senior relatives create Facebook accounts just to spy on you and write lame comments. “You look so ugly HAHAHAHA..remember how you used to pee on my knees? HAHAHA!”

your uncle
9) The party pooper:

The one who always complains about people’s reactions for everything, he always sees them overacting even if the incident was really worth it.
“LOL! Are you really celebrating the victory of your favourite team? Get a life!”

the party pooper

10) The Fake religious:

He always relates everything happens to him or to other people with their own sins, Halal and Haram, only shares Qur’an and bible quotes and when romantic, he shares posts like this..

the fake religious

11) The annoying couple:

The couple who love to make their relationship public, they post love quotes and sayings on each other’s walls, share romantic photos and maybe tips for having a perfect relationship.

the annoying couple

12) The attention whore:

The one who pretends to be not okay just seeking for attention, this one most probably deactivates his/her Facebook account every once in a while with no reason to feel more mysterious.

the attention whore

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